RFT Targeting Projects Resulting in Environmental Improvement Solutions & Cost Reductions Greater Than 20%

RFT Scope While any new technology, product or service (such as those in the space of chemistry or process related technologies, among other categories) that provides environmental improvements and reduces cost is of interest, it is believed that untapped significant opportunities for impact and wide scale deployment may originate from major digital technology trends and […]Read More »

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Advancing the Low Carbon Economy Through Innovation & R&D

PTAC Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada invites you to join us for this informative full-day event, which will focus upon current challenges facing the Canadian oil and gas industry related to GHG emissions reductions. In exploring this critical issue, this Forum will highlight existing and future opportunities in support of relevant technology innovation, and provide insight into some of the work that is currently being undertaken to address Government GHG emissions reduction targets and, the opportunities that lie ahead. This event will consist of 4 sessions, which focus on Advancing the Low Carbon EconomyRead More »


New Tech Network Looks To Transformative Change For Canada’s Energy Sector

Daily Oil Bulletin - Rapid technological change and a low price environment has promoted the creation of a new Clean Resources Innovation Network (CRIN) that seeks to bring the oil and gas industry more in line with the needs of its end users and accelerate technology uptake, leading to potentially transformative innovation. CRIN is also seeking a $200-$250 million chunk of the $950 million in funding available under the supercluster initiative announced by the federal government in May, which is targeting the funding to create three to five superclusters across the country advancing innovationRead More »

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