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2006 Soil and Groundwater Forum and Poster Session

Mar 23, 2006
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Calgary RoundUp Centre
20 RoundUp Way
Calgary, Alberta
This event is currently not open for registration.
Environment Environment: Soil Remediation, Site Restoration and Groundwater

PTAC Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada along with our partners and co-sponsors invite you and suitable representatives from your organization to participate in a soil and groundwater forum and poster session.

Our diverse technical program will offer progress reports on ongoing and exciting new projects and provide updates on emerging environmental regulations pertaining to the remediation and reclamation of oil and gas production sites. A networking reception will provide additional opportunity to exchange findings, ideas and network with peers.

This forum will be of interest to oil and gas industry stakeholders who would like to learn more about emerging environmental issues and advances in soil and groundwater remediation research that are of relevance to Western Canada. Highlighted research projects will have an applied science focus and include lab- and field-scale work. A Poster Session will feature additional research projects.


  • Hear about advances made in applied soil and groundwater remediation and site reclamation research
  • Learn about innovative strategies and technological solutions
  • Interact with technical experts and industry representatives
  • Participate in a poster session to obtain additional information on new relevant research and technologies
  • Participate in a networking reception
Alberta Environment's Approach to Soils Issues and Research
Gordon Dinwoodie, AENV
Priorities of the PTAC Soil and Groundwater Research Committee
Chris Meloche, Husky Energy
Overview of the Environmentally Acceptable Endpoints for Canada-Wide Standards Petroleum Hydrocarbon Fraction F3 - Ecotoxicity Data Compilation and Analysis
Dr. Suzanne Visser, University of Calgary
Bioremediation and Characterization of Oilfield Waste Containing Elevated Concentrations of F3 Weathered Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Brooke Bennett, WorleyParsons Komex
Microbial Community Characterization and Profiling in Northern Sites: Impacts of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contamination and Remediation
Dr. Charles Greer, National Research Council Canada
Sorption of Naphthenic Acids to Soils - A Laboratory Study
Dr. John Headley, National Water Research Institute
Imaging the Fate and Transport of a Salt Spill During Remediation with Time-Lapse Electrical Resistivity ~ Year 3 Results
Dr. Larry Bentley, University of Calgary
Project Study for the Development of Generic Site Assessment Criteria for Salinity Below the Root Zone
Anthony Knafla, Equilibrium Environment Inc.
Updating the Barite Soil Quality Guideline to Reflect Mammalian Bioavailability
Miles Tindal, Axiom Environmental
Field-Scale Assessments of Phytotechnologies Applied to Sites Impacted with Weathered Hydrocarbons - Year 4 Overview
Dr. Rich Farrell, University of Saskatchewan
Exploring the use of Alder-Frankia Symbionts for the Remediation and Revegetation of Composite Tailings Soils Containing Naphthenic Acids and High Salt
Dr. Charles Greer, National Research Council Canada
Characterization of Petroleum Fuel Spill Plumes in Fractured Rock with Permafrost: Colomac Mine, NWT
Dale Van Stempvoort
Biobarrier in Fractured Rock: Effects of Gasohol on Biofilm Heterogeneity
D. Sharma, and N. Ross
Integration of Electrical Geophysical Methods and Numerical Modeling for Characterising Hydrocarbon and Salt Impacts to Soil and Groundwater
Sarah Forte, Mehran Gharibi, Kevin Haley, Jennifer MacDonald and Amanda Smith
Biobarrier in Fractured Rock: Modeling the Impact of a Biofilm on Diffusion
H. Ghassemi, N. Ross
Development and Application of Boreal Forest Plant Toxicity Tests for Contaminated Soil Assessment
Mary Moody, Kasandra Tanner, Rick Scroggins, Gemma Leighton-Boyce and Mike Brewster
Bioremediation of Napthenic Acids in Tailings Water with the use of a Novel Beadmill Bioreactor
J. Paslawski, J.V. Headley, G. Hill, M. Nemati, and K. M. Peru
Phytoremediation of Salt-Affected Soils
M. Young, D. Rancier, J. Roy, S. Lunn and J.V. Headley
Innovative in situ Technologies for Remediating Salt-Impacted Sites
Gordon Bures, Ion Ratiu, LuVerne E.W. Hogg
Electrical Resistivity Imaging of Salt Transport
Larry Bentley
(Noon on Mar 22)
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Tannis Such
Director, Environmental Research Initiatives

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