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Reliable Reduction of Chemical Usage in Field Injection Pumps Technology Information Session

Oct 8, 2013
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Nexen Annex Theatre (+15 level)
801 - 7th Ave SW
Calgary, AB
This event is currently not open for registration.
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The Voodoo Injection Management System is a retrofit addition that works with any existing chemical injection pump to reduce chemical costs and provide the ability to remotely manage your pump.

Key benefits are:
• The pump is set to its optimum rate and best conditions for reliability.
• There is no need for on-going rate adjustments or interruptions. Therefore there is no risk of the pump stalling at low rates or the chemical becoming stagnant and plugging lines.
• Instead of slowing the pump down to control the injection rate of the chemical, a motor actuated valve diverts the chemical and recycles it to the tank.
• Therefore, the pump operates at best conditions and the chemical remains fresh, improving reliability, reducing maintenance costs and reducing chemical usage by being able to specify as low usage rates as wanted.
• The controller and its algorithm also permit cycle automated cycle adjustment to ambient temperature and may be remotely managed to avoid site visits.


Most oil and gas wells feature some sort of chemical injection, whether it is corrosion inhibitor, wax solvent, or methanol. The existing chemical injection pumps installed on wells throughout North America and around the world have a number of different problems which are costing producers tens of thousands of dollars per well per year.

The most common problem is over injection. Most chemical injection pumps cannot deliver injection rates below 5 L/day without having inherent problems such as vapour locking, losing suction or stalling. When it comes to higher rate applications such as methanol injection, the problem is that the pumps are typically set to a constant rate based on an anticipated low temperature. When the temperature rises, the injection rate is not reduced, wasting methanol. The temperature fluctuations in Alberta can be frequent enough that it just isn’t possible for operators to visit the site often enough to continuously adjust the rates up and down.

There are lower rate systems available on the market today that address some of these issues. The biggest issue with these systems is that they simply slow down the injection of chemical, often to the point where chemical is only being injected every 20 or 30 minutes. This leads to chemical that becomes stagnant, which can plug up lines, leading to higher maintenance costs. In addition, this causes long periods of time where no chemical is being injected into the well. They simply cannot achieve the constant injection that is required.


Voodoo Injection Management has partnered with Extreme Telematics to bring a revolutionary new idea to chemical injection.
The pump is set where it operates best and left there. This eliminates the need for constant adjustments to the pump and prevents the pump from stalling at low rates. This pump rate, along with a target chemical usage rate, is entered into the controller which does the work required to achieve the target.

The patent pending algorithm in the controller uses a combination of well pressure, build time, pump rate, and target rate to determine how long to inject during a given cycle. When not injecting, a motor valve is actuated, allowing the chemical to recycle instead of simply stopping the flow of the chemical. Because the cycle time is limited to 2 minutes, your well doesn’t go long periods without seeing any chemical. Also, because the system recycles, this means that the tank is constantly rolling over and the chemical in the lines remains fresh. This prevents the chemical from becoming stagnant, reducing the amount of maintenance required.

The Voodoo Injection Management controller can also reduce the amount of chemical used at different temperatures. Simply enable the temperature optimization mode and the target injection rate is automatically adjusted up and down based on the current temperature. The temperature can be read by an onboard temperature sensor or it can be provided by a connected SCADA system. This allows chemicals such as methanol to be greatly reduced as the temperature increases and decreases throughout the day.

Connecting the Voodoo Injection Management Controller to a SCADA system has a number of other benefits. All parameters can be viewed and changed remotely, avoiding costly site visits. Also, history information is remotely accessible, allowing the operator to see how long the controller has been injecting or recycling in a given day. The addition of a pressure sensor allows the operator to see the pump working. The line pressure climbs up to process pressure as the chemical is pumped into the well indicating the pump is doing its job and chemical is actually making its way into the well.

This solution is easily implemented on any well with any chemical and translates to instant savings. As we continue to work with producers to roll out this solution, more enhancements are being made all the time to work with different types of valves, provide more optimization modes, and provide more reporting and monitoring options.


• Production engineers, directors, managers and advisors
• Facility engineers and supervisors
• Reliability and maintenance specialists, coordinators and managers
• Government policy advisors and managers
• Regulators
• Experienced professionals interested in learning about new technologies


Please be advised that PTAC will charge $25 + GST to PTAC members that register and do not attend, unless notification of cancellation is received by PTAC a minimum of 24 hours in advance. It is necessary that we enforce this provision starting September 1, 2013 due to the increasing number of no shows.

Oct 08
11:30 AM Lunch
12:00 PM Presentation and Discussion
1:00 PM Networking
(Noon on Oct 7)
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Marc Godin, P.Eng.
Technical Advisor

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