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Call for CO2 Supply - Alberta's First Saline Aquifer Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Demonstration

May 7, 2007
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
EnCana Amphitheatre
2nd Floor Tower Centre
115 - 9th Avenue SE
Calgary, AB
This event is currently not open for registration.
CO2 Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery


The participants of the Alberta Saline Aquifer Project (ASAP) and PTAC Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada invite you to attend an information session to ask those with carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to supply CO2 for use in a demonstration pilot to sequester CO2 in an Alberta saline aquifer. An update on the status of the ASAP project will also be provided.

The ultimate objective of the ASAP field demonstration pilot is a commercial operation for deep saline aquifer CO2 sequestration coupled with CO2 pipeline(s) forming a portion of the CO2 transportation network to Enhanced Oil Recovery sites and the Alberta CO2 backbone pipeline network.

The 26 company ASAP industry consortium is in the site selection stage of a suitable Saline Aquifer to pilot CO2 injection and sequestration.

Corresponding with site selection the ASAP is requesting an Alberta CO2 source in the range of 100 to 3,000 tonnes per day available in the 2010 time frame.

The first phase of the ASAP is working towards engineering and regulatory approvals of a pilot project for the deep saline aquifer storage of CO2.

An ideal CO2 source would be near existing pipeline corridors that could be used to transport CO2 for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) opportunities as well as sequestration.

The emitter would retain any greenhouse gas emission offsets generated from the pilot project.

The target CO2 Criteria is:

100 to 3,000 tonnes per day of CO2 ASAP welcomes aggregate sources to achieve the minimum pilot requirements 90% or greater purity < 2% H2S

The ASAP will manage and operate the compression, pipelining, injection and monitoring, measuring and verification of the pilot project.

Interested parties should contact the undersigned no later than Friday, May 30, 2008 and provide the facility location (or planned location), CO2 specification, volume and timing of availability.

Phase 1 to identify 3 specific locations for saline aquifer sequestration for refineries, upgraders, power plants, oil sands mining/in situ projects and others. Design and estimate the cost of operating the CO2 saline aquifer demonstration including wells, pipeline, compression, operations and monitoring. Prepare a preliminary application to obtain a saline aquifer lease and approval to proceed with a future demonstration pilot (Phase 2) that can be expanded to commercial operations (Phase 3).


The project will provide the basis to move forward with an early demonstration (including compression and pipeline) of CO2 sequestration at specific sites in Alberta and thus “jump start” the CO2 backbone pipeline development.

Providing a CO2 source will provide an Alberta emitter the opportunity to be the first to manage their CO2 emissions via Carbon Capture and Storage and retain the environmental benefits. Plus become positioned, via the ASAP compression and pipeline infrastructure, to extend the CO2 supply to Enhanced Oil Recovery operations.

The 26 ASAP industry participants represent many Alberta industry sectors such as: pipelines, energy and electricity, industrial gases, oil and gas, engineering firms, oil services, refineries, upgraders, power plants, oil sands mining and in situ.

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