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Call for Project Partners: A Pilot Project to Capture, Purify, and Sequester CO2 from Husky Upgrader for Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery.

Apr 28, 2008
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Husky South Tower - Western Canadian Place
Husky South Tower - Western Canadian Place
707 8th Ave SW
Calgary, AB
This event is currently not open for registration.
CO2 Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery


Husky Canada and PTAC Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada invite you to attend an information session to solicit interested participants for a pilot project to capture, purify and sequester CO2 from a Husky Upgrader for Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery.

The ultimate objective is to identify, understand, and address technical, technology and operational issues associated with CO2 capture, purification, dehydration, compression, transportation, and injection for future (Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery) EHR projects.

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) for the purpose of enhanced hydrocarbon recovery could substantially reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions while improving hydrocarbon production from reservoirs. The process of CCS is self describing; carbon dioxide is first captured from large emission sources such as upgraders, then purified and transported to geological storage sites where it can be injected underground into reservoirs for enhanced hydrocarbon recovery.

Interested parties should contact the undersigned no later than Friday, May 30, 2008 to express interest. A project steering commitee will be formed and will meet in early June 2008.

Identify and resolve engineering design, technology and operations issues related to the pilot project

Evaluate the target injection site Collect CO2 from Husky Upgrader Purify, dehydrate, compress, transport, and inject CO2 Measure purification, dehydration. Compression, injection and EOR performance. Identify design, technology, and operations challenges and find appropriate solutions. Measure enhanced hydrocarbon recovery project performance.

Phase 1: 2008, $2,000,000 ((Participants 1/3 federal, 1/3 provincial, and 1/3indusry)

Conduct preliminary engineering design and cost estimate (+/- 40%) Obtain provincial, federal, and industry funding for the pilot project

Phase 2: 2009- 2012 (Capital investment to be estimated from Phase 1) (Participants 1/3 federal, 1/3 provincial, and 1/3indusry)

Conduct detailed engineering design for CO2 purification, dehydration, compression, transportation and injection along with the engineering design to modify the production facilities. Submit an application to Alberta Energy under IETP Program. Prepare the required applications (ERCB, Alberta Environment, Alberta Energy, SRD )for the project Obtain provincial, federal, and industry funding for the pilot project Project execution (i.e., CO2 capture, purification, dehydration, compression, transportation, and injection)

Phase 3: 2012 and beyond

Field implementation Testing and performance measure Identify technology and operations issues and find solutions Design, and field implementation of CO2 Rejection Unit


Representatives of organizations with point source CO2 emissions, those wanting CO2 for Enhanced Oil Recovery, refineries, upgraders, power plants, oil sands mining and in situ plus funding agencies and regulatory agencies for setting policy for CO2 transport and sequestration.

Early Bird
(28 Apr)
(Noon on Apr 27)
At Event
No Charge FREE FREE $50.00


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