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2006 Water Innovation in the Oil Patch Conference

Jun 21, 2006
8:00 AM -
Jun 22, 2006
4:00 PM
Calgary RoundUp Centre
20 RoundUp Way
Calgary, Alberta
This event is currently not open for registration.
Environment Environment - Water

PTAC Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada along with its partners and sponsors invites you and suitable representatives from your organization to participate at the 2006 Water Innovation in the Oil Patch Conference, being held at the Round-Up Centre in Calgary. Platform presentations will be held on June 21st followed by parallel workshops on the following day. Poster sessions will be held throughout both days.

The Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Water Research is proud to sponsor an awards presentation for the most innovative technologies presented at the Conference. Bursaries of $3000 for 1st prize and $1500 for 2nd prize will be presented for the most innovative water related technology presented at the Conference. A $500 bursary will be awarded for 3rd prize to the most innovative water related technology presented at the Conference poster session. Prizes will be presented at a networking reception to close out the event on June 22nd.

DAY 1 – June 21st, 2006

Day 1 will feature 20-minute case study presentations of new technology, process applications or proposed technology demonstration projects followed by Q&A panels. Presentations, case studies, demonstrations and posters may showcase one or more of the following topics:

  • Produced water reuse/recycle/reduction and treatment;
  • Shallow and Unconventional Gas development (including uses of produced water, fracture stimulation, groundwater contamination, structural/geological impacts, methane migration);
  • Municipal/industrial wastewater (alternative uses and treatment in the oil and gas industry);
  • Water use in SAGD and use of alternate fluids for in-situ bitumen and heavy oil recovery;
  • Aquifer protection techniques;
  • Groundwater remediation technologies;
  • Oilfield injection (alternate methods for enhanced recovery).

DAY 2 – June 22nd, 2006

Day 2 will feature parallel workshops, which will require pre-registration. The workshop participants will be asked to brainstorm on various technology issues including legal/regulatory perspectives on water ownership and liability. Your input and expertise are appreciated and needed to develop a successful framework for providing answers to future water management issues. These workshops will provide an excellent opportunity to bring industry, government and societal groups together and guide cooperative work.

The workshops will be facilitated by a subject matter expert and begin with a presentation outlining the objectives of the workshop. Two workshops will run concurrently in the morning, followed by another two concurrent workshops in the afternoon.

Eric Lloyd, PTAC
Land Use Strategy for Oilfield Water Management
Barry Worbets, Canada West Foundation
Water Use in the Oil Patch - The Motivation for Innovation
Mary Griffiths, Pembina Institute
Water for Life: Alberta's Strategy for Sustainability
Bev Yee, Alberta Environment
Implementation of Oilfield Injection Policy and Guidelines and Next Steps
Robert George, Alberta Environment
Current Requirements For Produced Water Handling, and Applications for Alternate Methods
Brenda Austin, Alberta Energy and Utilities Board
Recycling Blowback from Fracture Stimulation of Shallow Gas Wells
Clyde Fulton, Newalta Corporation
Water Handling Cost Management Equals Energy Management
Bruce Peachey, New Paradigm Engineering
VSC Mobile Ed Desalination System
Fred Desjarlais, Volker Stevin Contracting Ltd
Assessment of the Chemical and Isotopic Composition of Gases and Fluids from Shallow Groundwater and from CBM Production Wells in Alberta
Dr. Bernhard Mayer, University of Calgary
Managed Irrigation for the Reuse of Coalbed Methane Produced Water
Kevin Harvey, KC Harvey LLC
Water Conservation in Heavy Oil Reservoirs through Polymer Flooding
Fred Wassmuth, Alberta Research Council
Adaptation and Decentralization - The Future of Wastewater Recycling in the Barnett Shale
Patrick Horner, Aqua-Pure Ventures Inc.
Flameless Evaporation System
Swen Theil, Leader Energy Services Ltd.
De-Oiling Produced Water from Upstream Operations Without the Need for Added Chemicals or Heat
MJ Plebon, TORR Canada Inc.
A Joint-Industry Project on Modelling Hydraulic Fracturing Operations for Coalbed Methane and Unconventional Gas
Pat McLellan, Advanced Geotechnology Inc.
Downhole Oil/Water Separation - Is it time yet?
Bruce Peachey, New Paradigm Engineering
Treatment of Crude Oil-Brine Emulsions with Ceramic Membranes
Ian Rubinstein, Rubinstein Technical Corporation
Water Issues and Solutions in Developing Countries; Their Relevance to Albertans
Camille Dow Baker, CAWST
Funding Water Technology Development and Demonstration
Keith Watson, Sustainable Development Technologies Canada
More than just a drop in the bucket - why current proposals to address water demands in Alberta are the key to Alberta's future
Dr. Michal Moore, Senior Fellow, ISEEE
(Noon on Jun 20)
At Event


Lorie Mayes
Environmental Research Coordinator and Web Site
(403) 218-7707

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