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VeloxoThermTM CO2 Capture Technology and Pilot Project

Dec 2, 2014
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Nexen Annex Theatre (+15 level)
801 - 7th Ave SW
Calgary, AB
This event is currently not open for registration.
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Inventys will introduce the VeloxoThermTM structured adsorbent CO2 capture technology and describe the 50 Tonne per day pilot plant project that will capture CO2 from the flue gas of a once through steam generator (OTSG) operating at a major steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) installation in Saskatchewan.


SAGD is a prevalent enhanced oil recovery technology for producing heavy crude oil and bitumen. High pressure steam is continuously injected into a wellbore to heat the oil and reduce its viscosity. SAGD is the subject of widespread controversy due to the process being considered particularly carbon intensive due to the CO2 emissions caused by burning natural gas in once through steam generators.

Inventys is strategically targeting the CO2 in the flue gas of the OTSG’s used for SAGD. The VeloxoThermTM technology has a unique process integration feature that enables economical capture from a low CO2 concentration flue gas. Inventys has secured the funding, consortium members, and SAGD site for a 50 TPD CO2 Capture Plant in Saskatchewan, Canada. The captured CO2 will be used for enhanced oil recovery in the heavy oil district.


Inventys is commercializing the lowest cost and most energy efficient technology (VeloxoThermTM) for capturing post-combustion CO2 from industrial flue gas streams for use in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). Inventys was incorporated in 2007 and is based in Burnaby, British Columbia.

The US Department of Energy estimates that 30 billion tonnes of CO2 could be used for enhanced oil recovery in the United States alone. EOR involves injecting CO2 into oil wells causing trapped oil to flow to the surface while permanently sequestering the CO2 underground. Our goal is to capture the abundant waste CO2 from industrial processes such as coal plants, gas turbines, and steam generators for use in EOR and CCS projects worldwide.

The VeloxoThermTM process is an intensified temperature swing adsorption using our proprietary structured adsorbent material. When flue gasses pass through the material, CO2 is trapped while allowing others gasses such as nitrogen to pass unhindered. The adsorbent is regenerated using low pressure steam leaving pure CO2.The intensification of the mass and heat transport properties results in a lower capital and operating cost.

Inventys is currently working on several projects in collaboration with major oil and energy companies with support funding from IRAP, SDTC, CCEMC, and Energy Technologies Institute of the UK. The Roda Group, Chrysalix Energy Ventures, Mitsui, and Chevron Technology Ventures are key investors and strongly support the commercialization activities.

Inventys has a seasoned management team with over 100 years of combined experience in this sector. The board of directors consists of notable business leaders Marty Reed, Dan Miller, and Dr. Denis Connor. Recently, Inventys also welcomed Dr. Stephen Chu, former US Secretary of Energy, and Jean-Michel Gires, former Total Canada CEO, to the board of directors.  


Brett Henkel, VP Commercial Development, INVENTYS
Mr. Henkel is a co-founder of Inventys and has considerable experience in business development, program management, and product development of gas separation technology. He is a member of Inventys’ executive leadership team and is responsible for the commercial strategy and development of the company. Mr. Henkel received his Bachelor of Science in Physics, with distinction, and a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Victoria.

Soheil Khiavi, VP Technology Development, INVENTYS
Mr. Khiavi is a co-founder of Inventys, a co-inventor of the VeloxoThermTM process, and an owner of many patents in the gas separation sector. He is a member of Inventys’ executive leadership team and is responsible for the technology development of the company. He graduated in Refinery Engineering from Shiraz University in Iran and completed a Masters in Chemical Engineering from University of Western Ontario.


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