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Reducing SAGD Oil Production Reliance on Natural Gas and Reducing CO2 Emissions

Nov 18, 2008
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
EnCana Amphitheatre
2nd Floor Tower Centre
115 - 9th Avenue SE
Calgary, AB
This event is currently not open for registration.
CO2 Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery


Advanced Syngas Technologies, a partnership between Weatherford International and Afina Energy Inc. and PTAC Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada invite you to attend an information session to discuss an innovative approach for reducing SAGD oil production reliance on Natural Gas and reducing CO2 emissions utilizing Canadian developed low severity gasification and gas management processes. Advanced Syngas Technologies combines proven process systems with Afina Energy’s ( patented low severity gasification and carbon capture systems that specifically addresses energy efficiency and carbon capture needs that are associated with SAGD operations.

Advanced Syngas Technologies utilizes Afina Energy’s system to provide a platform for SAGD operators to reduce the exposure to the cost of fuel, or Natural Gas, the reduction of emissions that are produced by such fuel consumption and when fully integrated, reduced diluent needs. Advanced Syngas Technology addresses these issues in a manner that is both economic and environmentally sound. The low severity gasification, or partial oxidization, has its roots in gasification process development well over 100 years ago. Since the late 1980’s application of this technology has been further researched and developed in Sherbrooke, Quebec by Enerkem Technologies Ltd, Afina Energy’s predecessor. A similar system is currently utilized by Afina Energy’s sister company, Enerkem Inc., for the production of methanol products and recently was awarded a $29 million grant from the Alberta Energy Research Institute for a pilot facility located in Edmonton Alberta. For SAGD operations, this system has been adapted to be integrated as a modular system which utilizes asphaltenes or vacuum bottoms as fuel and is intended to be installed at the production sites.

The project is a low severity (partial oxidization) gasification project using low grade asphaltenes vacuum bottoms extracted from the bitumen as feed stock to produce synthesis gas and stream energy for use by the adjacent heavy oil Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) facility. The project proposed is modular and is proposed to be integrated into a SAGD facility with 10,000 BPD production. The project would include a simple feedstock removal system, gasification process, syngas delivery o the SAGD operation, and CO2 capture and management system.

In summary, the main benefits and supporting features of the service are described in the following table:

Customer benefit

Supporting features

Reduced reliance on Natural Gas

The system can convert 500 tonnes/day of feedstock into 12,500 GJ/day of synthesis gas.

Reduced use of Diluent

By removing the bottoms, it is expected the API of the produced oil will be increased by up to 7 API degrees.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

The produced synthesis gas has 20% less CO2 than that of comparable natural gas

Reduced Energy Cost

As the feedstock is produced by the SAGD production, the cost of synthesis gas is managed for the life of the SAGD

Technical Contact:

Guido Bachmann
Afina Energy
phone: 403-532-8181

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(18 Nov)
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