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The Alberta CO2 Purity Study

Dec 16, 2009
10:30 AM -
Dec 8, 2009
1:30 PM
Nexen Annex Theatre (+15 level)
801 - 7th Ave SW
Calgary, AB
This event is currently not open for registration.
CO2 Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery


The Integrated CO2 Network (ICO2N), and the Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada invite you to attend an information session to discuss and learn more about The Alberta CO2 Purity Study.

CCS has become a critical tool for governments worldwide to reduce GHG emissions and combat climate change.

The Alberta CO2 Purity Study will define an optimal CO2 purity specification across the broad carbon capture and storage (CCS) spectrum. CO2 purity requirements, and associated contaminants in capture, transport, storage and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) will be examined in order to develop an integrated picture of the most cost-effective and optimal purity level for CO2 from emission to storage. Information from this study will provide for better informed, safer, and more cost-effective implementation of CCS in Alberta. CO2 purity requirements are not currently well understood and the benefits emerging from the completion of this study will be widespread across industry, regulators and government.

The purpose of this study is to examine the CO2 purity requirement for each of the four necessary components and determine an optimal purity consensus or balance for a large-scale CCS network in Alberta. The outcomes from this study will be readily applicable in a variety of scenarios. Components to be examined include:

CO2 Sources – Capture, Cleanup and Compression Pipelines – Transportation Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) – Incremental Oil Recovery Saline Formation Sequestration – Long-term disposal and storage

Purity requirements are a key element of uncertainty which inhibits progress on a number of CCS fronts, including capture technology choices, capture costs, conditions for safe transportation, profitability of EOR and geological effects on sequestration media. Capture costs increase substantially as CO2 specifications become more stringent while EOR is negatively impacted by reduced quality specifications. Pipeline interests must consider safety, corrosion and operability issues, and saline sequestration locations can be compromised by the presence of impurities. The innovation advancement of this project will be to investigate and determine the balancing point with respect to each of the 4 components.

This information session will be primarily focused on the EOR – Incremental Oil Recovery component of this study, although parties interested in other components are welcome to attend.

Conventional Oil Producers Enhanced Oil Recovery Producers CO2 Capture Companies Pipeline Companies Regulatory and Environmental Agencies involved in developing CO2 Regulations Environmental Groups Interested in Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emissions Technical and Research Organizations knowledgeable in CCS
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