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Real Time Methane Measurement and Monitoring for Wellsites, Facilities and Pipelines – How to Get Ahead of the Curve

Apr 12, 2017
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Nexen Annex Theatre (+15 level)
801 - 7th Ave SW
Calgary, AB
This event is currently not open for registration.


Growing public awareness and increased regulatory focus on methane emission monitoring and reduction has made accurate and real time measurement of methane increasingly important to the upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas sectors.

Boreal Laser, a global leader in laser-based gas detection, will discuss their methane monitoring and measurement capabilities, with a focus on two case studies:

Case Study 1 – California

Boreal Laser has a permanent installation in Porter Ranch, California (just north of Los Angeles) following the large methane leak from a storage cavern in late 2015 in this area. A dashboard was created in order to provide real time monitoring for the community and the companies operating in this area.

Click on the following link below to see the Porter Ranch real time community monitoring data

Case Study 2 – Regulator

Boreal Laser conducted a successful pilot project with AER in order to demonstrate its capability for ground-based mobile monitoring of oil and gas operations. Details of this study will be discussed during this presentation.

In addition to the case studies, this presentation will discuss the following key points:

• Use of real time methane concentration measurements for decision-making and archived data to support a historical record of system integrity.
• Rapid assessment of potential problem zones in large areas.
• Using existing fleet vehicles for continuous methane measurements and mission-based surveys.
• Potential use of advance analytics to determine both the emission rate and concentration for predictive modelling.
• “Discreet” surveillance; learning of potential problems before they become stakeholder and regulator issues.


Jim Bauer, VP Mobile Monitoring

Who Should Attend:

Upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas companies.

About Boreal Laser

Boreal Laser was formed in April 1990 and has been developing and manufacturing laser-based gas detection solutions since 1993. Boreal Laser now has installations in over 47 countries.

Boreal products are used for safety and environmental protection, so quality and reliability are never sacrificed. Materials and components are sourced from high quality, reputable suppliers, and Boreal Laser has adopted lean manufacturing principles to deliver high quality products as efficiently, and low cost, as possible. As a result, most of the instruments Boreal delivered in its early years are still in operation almost two decades later. Endorsements, referrals and repeat business from existing, highly satisfied partners remain Boreal’s most effective marketing tool.

Advantages of Boreal Instruments:

• Real time data to allow for real time decisions plus archived data to support historical record of system integrity.
• Provide the capability of large area coverage to assess potential problem zones quickly.
• Cost effective solution can be installed on existing fleet vehicles to allow for continuous measurements as well as mission-based surveys.
• Analyzer design allows for “discreet” surveillance; check up on potential problems before they become excuses.
• Industry proven technology (over two decades of operation for aerial leak detection).
• Easy to install and simple to operate.
• Local support from Alberta based company.

Apr 12
11:30 AM Registration & Lunch
12:00 PM Presenation & Discussion
1:00 PM Adjourn
(Noon on Apr 11)
At Event
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Katie Blanchett
Operations Manager
Marc Godin, P.Eng.
Technical Advisor

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