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Petro Ninja: A Web and Mobile Application to Improve Oil and Gas Data Flow Between Field and Office

Jun 8, 2017
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
PTAC Conference Space
Suite 400, 500-5 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta


One of the challenges faced by all oil and gas companies is to improve collaboration between the field and office. Why is this the case?
Field operations and service companies often rely on the head office to retrieve well information. Accessing well data requires expensive desktop applications designed for geologists and engineers, not operations staff.

On the other side, data collected by the field operators is typically emailed to the head office, where the data filing and storage process in inconsistent and time consuming. Moreover, data stored in file folders and inboxes often disappears with staff turnovers.

These problems can easily be addressed by enabling field operations and head office staff to use a common platform to exchange information and, in the process, improve collaboration.

Petro Ninja

Petro Ninja is this much-needed platform. It is an easy to use web and mobile application with free well and production data. Our focus is on making public data accessible and increasing collaboration, which is why we offer core features free-of-charge. Removing cost as a barrier allows users to share well information and lists with anybody (Example)

Petro Ninja offers additional features for users who choose to upgrade to a premium subscription. Our Data Capture module allows users to:

  • Collect field data and photos which can be stored geospatially or tagged to a well
  • Fill out forms (e.g. well inspections, well tests) that can be completed in the app and tagged to a well
  • Share collected data privately with your colleagues

We also work with companies to connect their current systems to the Petro Ninja API, allowing them to retrieve data recorded in the app.

Why Attend

In this session, we will provide a product demonstration that will reveal the benefits that Petro Ninja can offer to your company. More importantly, you will have the opportunity to shape the development of Petro Ninja by helping us better understand the needs of your company. We want to work with our early adopters to understand their pain points and use the input to make Petro Ninja an efficient, open, and collaborative tool for our industry.

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Jun 08
11:30 AM Registration & Lunch
12:00 PM Presentation & Discussion
1:00 PM Adjournment
(Noon on Jun 7)
At Event
PTAC Member FREE $25.00
Non-Member $50.00 $75.00


Katie Blanchett
Operations Manager
Marc Godin, P.Eng.
Technical Advisor

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