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Real-Time Pipeline Leak Detection Solutions - Technology Information Session

Jun 27, 2017
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
PTAC Conference Space
Suite 400, 500-5 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta


To provide timely indication of pipeline leaks at river crossings and high risk areas, Dashboard Canada has developed a system that clamps on the pipeline to measure pipeline flow, temperature, and vibration/movement. The data gathered, in real-time, is used to monitor pipeline condition and leaks should they occur, powered behind the scenes with a pipeline simulator to verify the pipeline operating conditions. Analytic and visualization tools are also available for operators to better understand the pipeline’s performance.


Pipeline operators work diligently to eliminate the potential of a leak occurring; however, even with their best efforts, leaks occur. Finding and addressing those leaks to minimize their impact is a major concern for all pipeline operators. At high consequence areas, such as water courses, leaks can cause significant environmental damage, result in expensive clean-up costs and most importantly, damage a pipeline company’s reputation.

Pipeline operators seek to address three key questions: 1) how long does it take for me to work out that I have a problem? 2) how big is my problem? and 3) where precisely is my problem? Whether mitigating risk, achieving compliance or strengthening the social license, pipeline integrity is mission critical and, as pipeline assets age, ever more so. Therefore, a telemetry system for infrastructure, providing access to historical data, visualising performance in real-time and utilising pattern recognition to inform preventative maintenance would provide a leap forward in better understanding field asset conditions. Correlation with existing available data will further enhance the resolution of this industry-leading approach to pipeline integrity, developed in conjunction with the leading centres of excellence in the field.


This TIS will show how these new technologies can be implemented to effect improved visibility on pipelines, specifically in and around water courses, in order to identify and address pipeline leaks in a timely manner.

Topics covered include
• Overview of the Dashboard system key features and their practical benefits
• Applications for the Dashboard system other than at water courses
• Integration opportunities with other internal data gathering systems
• Timeline considerations


Engineers, specialists, directors, managers and advisors working in oil and gas projects from:
• Pipeline Engineers
• Integrity Specialists
• Technology directors, managers and advisors
• Environmental managers
• Measurement coordinators
• Government policy advisors and managers
• Regulators

Jun 27
11:30 AM Registration & Lunch
12:00 PM Presentation & Discussion
1:00 PM Adjourn
(Noon on Jun 26)
At Event
PTAC Member FREE $25.00
Non-Member $50.00 $75.00


Katie Blanchett
Operations Manager
Marc Godin, P.Eng.
Technical Advisor

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