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Advancing the Low Carbon Economy Through Innovation and R&D - 2017 Canadian GHG Emissions Forum

Oct 23, 2017
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
The Calgary Petroleum Club
319 - 5th Ave SW
Calgary, AB


PTAC Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada invites you to join us for this informative full-day event, which will focus upon current challenges facing the Canadian oil and gas industry related to GHG emissions reductions. In exploring this critical issue, this Forum will highlight existing and future opportunities in support of relevant technology innovation, and provide insight into some of the work that is currently being undertaken to address Government GHG emissions reduction targets and, the opportunities that lie ahead. The event itself will be divided into four sessions:

Session 1: Panel – Advancing the Low Carbon Economy

Panel Chair: Mr. David Collyer, previous President and CEO of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), and previous President and Country Chair of Shell Canada

Advancing to a clean, low carbon resource economy offers Canada significant business, economic, and social opportunities, but how do we get there? This panel will take a closer look at the challenges currently facing the Canadian oil and gas industry in achieving a low carbon economy, and the opportunities for growth which lie ahead.

Session 2: Creating Sustainable Value – Transforming Emissions Challenges into Opportunities

This session will focus on the Alberta Upstream Petroleum Research Fund’s current air and emissions initiatives which have informed regulatory development, established best practices, and reduced the environmental footprint while lowering costs for all industry stakeholders.

Session 3: Accelerating the Innovation Agenda

The Canadian oil and gas sector is currently cultivating an innovation eco-system through the development of disruptive technologies which reduce GHG emissions. This session will focus on the mechanisms currently in place to help technology providers successfully develop and deploy their technology solutions, and also take a closer look at the gaps that need to be filled in terms of technology innovation and execution.

Session 4: Innovation At Work

Efforts are underway at PTAC to launch dozens of technology projects alongside our partners, which will help guide industry towards the 45% reduction targets set to be achieved by 2025, and will further contribute to reduced energy consumption and low carbon production. This session will take a closer look at some of these technology project initiatives, expanding upon the potential impacts these innovative solutions will have on current and future industry operations.

Advancing The Low Carbon Economy Through Innovation And R&D 2017 Canadian GHG Emissions Forum


(Noon on Oct 22)
At Event
PTAC Members $395.00 $495.00
Non-Members $595.00 $695.00


Katie Blanchett
Operations Manager
Lorie Mayes
Environmental Research Coordinator and Web Site
(403) 218-7707
Tannis Such
Director, Environmental Research Initiatives

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