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Low Cost Wellhead Monitoring Helps Operators

Oct 9, 2012
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Hanover Building
101 - 6th Avenue SW
Plus 7 Level (located above the security desk on the stairwell)
Calgary, Alberta
This event is currently not open for registration.
Completion, Stimulation and Workover Environment Heavy Oil Innovation Initiative Instrumentation / Measurement Natural Gas Production, Processing and Transportation Oil Production and Transportation Reservoir Recovery / Geoscience


Advanced Flow Technology Inc., Triaxon Oil Corp and PTAC Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada invites you or a representative of your organization to attend a Technology Information Session. The objective of the session is to introduce a low cost method of monitoring oil well performance. This new technology development uses temperature and vibration measurement to alert operations staff when flow has decreased or stopped at the well.


While stand-alone and SCADA based pump off controllers are effective in some parts of the oilfield, most wells are monitored manually by personnel in trucks. It can be difficult to justify the cost of full SCADA systems, and many operators continue to look for more cost effective ways of monitoring their field conditions. Many operators face significant staff shortages, or high staff turnover which makes it challenging to maintain good experience levels in the field.


A simple low cost technology has been developed which helps field operators to work more effectively. It shows at any time which wells to focus on, and which wells can safely be ignored.

The system monitors flowing temperature and vibration at the well head and transmits this data for automated analysis and trending at a central server. A simple web site presentation and configurable alerts allow all staff to determine remotely if a well is performing according to expectations. The status for each well is simply displayed on a map as green, yellow or red, which allows the field operator to plan and do the most effective work each day. Additional detailed information and trends are available which can identify flow changes upstream of the battery, troubleshoot intermittent flowing wells, and show the effectiveness of service work performed.

Immediate outages due to motors, gas engines, and drive systems are identified through vibration monitoring. Other common problems like gas locking, waxing off, freezing, downhole equipment, re-injection (any issue which leads to reduced production) can be detected through temperature trending.
This discussion will demonstrate how a simple system of trending temperature and vibration can help to increase production levels and reduce downtime and labour costs.

Who Should Attend

  • Technology directors, managers, advisors, coordinators and specialists
  • Reservoir engineers, production engineers, geologists, operation engineers, and facilities engineers
  • Service companies
  • Government policy advisors and managers
  • Regulators
  • Experienced oil sands professionals interested in investing in new technology


Len Johnson
Advanced Flow Technology Inc.

(Noon on Oct 8)
At Event
PTAC Member FREE $25.00
Non-Members $50.00 $75.00


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