Calgary Economic Development

January 2, 2018

Long known as the epicenter of the energy industry in Canada, nearly one-third of Calgary’s GDP is attributed to conventional energy, but renewables and clean technology sectors are fast-growing contributors.

Entrepreneurs developing new clean technologies, service providers that are creating new business models that support clean technologies, oil and gas producers and pipeline companies in the midst of inventing and adopting clean technologies, and an innovation ecosystem that is keen to support form this growing sector.

Innovative thinking and technological advances have created an environment for the next generation of the energy ecosystem to thrive.

A recent study by the Delphi Group, released in October, estimates the value of the clean tech in oil and gas sector market in Calgary at $1.3 billion. More than 140 companies in the Calgary region developing and supplying clean-technology products or related services for the oil and gas industry benefit from a well-developed value chain.

The report highlights a number of Calgary’s value-chain strengths: supportive government and policy drivers, research and funding for emerging technologies, proximity to oil and gas customers, access to qualified and skilled workers, experience in manufacturing oil and gas equipment and market accessibility.

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