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Net Zero Conference and Expo October 25-27 2022

THE FUTURE OF ENERGY-Achieving Net•Zero & Growing Canada's Economy This informative three-day event brings together stakeholders from government organizations, regulatory bodies, oil and gas producing companies, service and supply companies, research centres, and academic institutions. Hear discussions on various aspects of oil and gas emissions detection, mitigation, and reporting, such as regulations, policies, research, technology development and deployment, and [...]

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PTAC has reach its goal of developing the technology capacity to reduce the sector’s methane emissions by 45%

PTAC is pleased to announce that we have met our goal of developing, field testing, and demonstrating technologies, which collectively have the capacity to reduce the sector’s methane emissions by more than 45%. These technologies are not only currently reducing methane emission in Canada, but also are helping global reduction of methane emissions. PTAC has published the Methane Detection and Mitigation Initiatives Report, and we invite you to read the full report here.

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AirMarket joins TELUS for the opening of HUB 350

AirMarket participated in the opening of HUB 350 as one of TELUS’ innovation partners. It was designed to be both an official opening but also an opportunity for the member companies (such as TELUS) to highlight some of their current innovation activities. In addition to a static display of its systems, AirMarket conducted a series of “connected drone” demonstrations, where it flew a drone in Kanata, piloted over the cellular network from Edmonton

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