23 07, 2019

Our ACE post-conference session summary on methane emission management in oil and gas

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Last month, PTAC hosted a session at the Air & Waste Management Association’s annual conference in Quebec. Entitled "Methane Emission Management in the Oil and Gas Industry", this session focused on current issues impacting methane emission management in oil and gas and implementing projects that contribute to achieving Canadian – and global – goals in reducing methane emissions.

13 11, 2018

World’s First-of-its-Kind Methane Leak Detection, Quantification and Repair Research Project Launched in Alberta

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While previous studies provided methane emission snapshots, none have spent the time or money needed to effectively research emissions over longer periods of time. Until now. This current project will finally answer the critical questions needed to scale up energy efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions. CALGARY, ALBERTA (November 13, 2018) — The Petroleum [...]

26 10, 2018

Scam Alert

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It has been brought to PTAC’s attention that a company has been claiming to sell our organization’s membership contact details. This is a scam and is NOT endorsed by PTAC. Our organization does not publicly post membership contact details, nor do we sell such information to third-parties under any circumstances. If you receive an email from [email protected], [...]

22 02, 2018

PTAC: Nurturing Oil and Natural Gas Innovation – CAPP

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Bringing new inventions into the real world is never easy. As Thomas Edison once commented, it takes perseverance—and lots of it. That’s just as true today. Innovators at small start-ups must hunt down capital, aggressively win over backers and work persistently to build a case for their technology. It’s a tough game, especially in the oil and gas industry, where new technologies need to be shown to fill a need and be effective under real-world operating conditions. “Technology providers will come up with a great idea, but often they’ll struggle to get it tested in the field, because...

15 11, 2017

Government of Canada Invests in Clean Energy Technology to Reduce Methane Emissions

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As Canada transitions to a low-carbon future, investments in clean technology are building a stronger economy, creating new middle-class jobs and driving sustainable prosperity. The Honourable Kent Hehr, Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities, on behalf of the Honourable Jim Carr, Canada's Minister of Natural Resources, today announced an investment of $5.3 million for seven projects aimed at tackling methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas (GHG) that poses a real environmental challenge for the oil and gas sector. Canada's oil and gas sector is the largest emitter of methane, which accounts for about 15 percent of Canada's GHG emissions.

10 07, 2017

New Tech Network Looks To Transformative Change For Canada’s Energy Sector

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Daily Oil Bulletin - Rapid technological change and a low price environment has promoted the creation of a new Clean Resources Innovation Network (CRIN) that seeks to bring the oil and gas industry more in line with the needs of its end users and accelerate technology uptake, leading to potentially transformative innovation. CRIN is also seeking a $200-$250 million chunk of the $950 million in funding available under the supercluster initiative announced by the federal government in May, which is targeting the funding to create three to five superclusters across the country advancing innovation

10 05, 2017

PTAC Volunteer Awards Honour Industry Achievement

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Daily Oil Bulletin - Industry leaders were celebrated in Calgary Tuesday, as executives from the Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) delivered awards to individuals and companies that stood out from their peers in Western Canada’s oil industry. In all, 11 individuals, two companies and one non-profit was honoured at the PTAC luncheon, which was also the venue for the organization’s annual general meeting. Not least among those honoured was PTAC alumnus Dave Rushford, who took this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Cited for “outstanding leadership and strategic guidance”

24 05, 2016

Climate Leadership Plan to Reduce Carbon Pollution Moves Alberta Forward

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This proposed law implements key elements of Alberta's Climate Leadership Plan. It will create jobs by investing in a higher-value, lower-carbon, energy-efficient economy. It will help Alberta do its part by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, and improving the energy efficiency of Alberta homes, businesses and public buildings. Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan is widely supported in both the energy industry and in civil society. Alberta is taking its place as the leader on these issues. “Our plan to reduce carbon pollution will diversify the economy, create jobs, protect the health of Albertans