15 11, 2017

Government of Canada Invests in Clean Energy Technology to Reduce Methane Emissions

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As Canada transitions to a low-carbon future, investments in clean technology are building a stronger economy, creating new middle-class jobs and driving sustainable prosperity. The Honourable Kent Hehr, Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities, on behalf of the Honourable Jim Carr, Canada's Minister of Natural Resources, today announced an investment of $5.3 million for seven projects aimed at tackling methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas (GHG) that poses a real environmental challenge for the oil and gas sector. Canada's oil and gas sector is the largest emitter of methane, which accounts for about 15 percent of Canada's GHG emissions.

14 09, 2017

Alberta Water Tool to Aid in Sustainable Water Management Decisions

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Water users operating in Alberta now have access to a valuable online resource: the Alberta Water Tool. The Alberta Water Tool provides detailed hydrology information for every stream, river and lake in west-central Alberta. Using an intuitive map-based interface, users can generate a detailed report for a given area describing: existing water uses; estimated timing [...]

10 07, 2017

New Tech Network Looks To Transformative Change For Canada’s Energy Sector

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Daily Oil Bulletin - Rapid technological change and a low price environment has promoted the creation of a new Clean Resources Innovation Network (CRIN) that seeks to bring the oil and gas industry more in line with the needs of its end users and accelerate technology uptake, leading to potentially transformative innovation. CRIN is also seeking a $200-$250 million chunk of the $950 million in funding available under the supercluster initiative announced by the federal government in May, which is targeting the funding to create three to five superclusters across the country advancing innovation

10 05, 2017

PTAC Volunteer Awards Honour Industry Achievement

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Daily Oil Bulletin - Industry leaders were celebrated in Calgary Tuesday, as executives from the Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) delivered awards to individuals and companies that stood out from their peers in Western Canada’s oil industry. In all, 11 individuals, two companies and one non-profit was honoured at the PTAC luncheon, which was also the venue for the organization’s annual general meeting. Not least among those honoured was PTAC alumnus Dave Rushford, who took this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Cited for “outstanding leadership and strategic guidance”

3 02, 2017

The Key Role of Emerging, Junior, and Intermediate Producers in the Future of the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry Innovation Ecosystem

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EPAC Explorer - Winter/Spring 2017 Issue Innovation, Collaboration, Research and Development, Clean Tech – These have become common themes in the Canadian hydrocarbon industry’s world given the current low price environment and newly established federal and provincial targets.  While these themes are not necessarily new to our sector, many emerging, junior and intermediate Canadian producers [...]

13 01, 2017

PTAC Announces New Vice President, Research and Development

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PTAC is excited to announce the addition of its newest team member, Mr. David Sealock, as Vice President of Research and Development. Mr. Sealock brings over 25 years of experience in the Canadian oil and gas sector, with a solid track record of value creation as part of senior management teams within both public and private companies, providing technical leadership, as well as strategy and tactics to lead, shape, and execute goals for development. Holding previous executive positions within Sunshine Oilsands Ltd., Sulvaris Inc., and MegaWest Energy Corp., among others, Mr. Sealock

21 07, 2016

PTAC President Soheil Asgarpour is Leading the Industry’s Battle to Cut Carbon and Costs Out of The Barrel

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Rather than reinvent the wheel to solve problems they share in common, oil and gas producers in Alberta fund Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada (PTAC) programs The environmental and financial challenges facing Canada’s oil producers—especially those in the oil sands or shale fields—are driving change. The industry is facing the double-barreled test of being one [...]

6 05, 2016

Despite Downturn, PTAC Sets Record For Number Of New Industry Projects, Adding New Initiatives This Year

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Despite a challenging economic climate for the Canadian oil and gas industry, PTAC set a new record for the number of projects launched in 2015 aiming to reduce both costs and the environmental footprint of the industry. Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada’s collaborative model was developed during and for hard times in the late 1990s and [...]

18 04, 2016

New Boron Guidelines – April 2016

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In consideration of the upcoming Soil and Groundwater Forum taking place on April 21, at the Calgary Petroleum Club, PTAC would like to highlight one of the Soil and Groundwater Committee’s many success stories, the “New Boron Guidelines”. In 2008 the PTAC Soil and Groundwater Committee identified Boron as an upcoming policy issue/knowledge gap and [...]

7 03, 2016

Globotics Industries Wants to Reactivate Your Suspended Wells, For Free

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By Maurice Smith Almost 400,000 wells had been drilled in Alberta to the end of 2012, of which about 150,000 were abandoned and, of these, approximately 50,000 have yet to be certified as reclaimed, according to Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC). Prior to abandonment, wells may be suspended, which could have financial implications for operating [...]