We are excited to announce that PTAC and several critical members of the energy industry will be travelling together to attend CERAWeek 2023 in Houston, Texas. As the “Davos” of the energy sector, CERAWeek is an unparalleled platform for connecting with senior energy decision-makers, industry leaders, and innovators from around the world. The conference is expected to convene ~6,000 attendees, including heads of state, energy ministers, CEOs, C-suite executives, media, thought leaders, and energy innovators.

This year’s overarching theme, “Navigating a World in Upheaval: Energy, Climate, and Security”, is particularly relevant given the rapidly changing global energy landscape. The conference will provide a unique opportunity to explore the latest innovations, technologies, and trends in the energy sector and exchange insights on critical issues such as decarbonization, emerging technologies, digitalization, and AI. With the Innovation Agora program, attendees can expect even more exciting discussions and insights on energy innovation, emerging tech, analytics, robotics, and climate. We are confident that attending CERAWeek 2023 will help us gain interest internationally and expand our reach in the energy industry.

CalScan Solutions

Calscan specializes in energy efficiency and GHG emissions technologies proven in the Canadian energy sector. It offers total wellsite electrification solutions that conserve natural gas, eliminate emissions from gas powered pneumatic instruments, enhances safety, and dramatically reduces methane gas emissions. It has proven leading edge methane measurement technologies including surface casing vents, pneumatic devices, compressor seals and tank vent gas measurement that is used by producers and service providers operating in Canada, USA and internationally. Its methane emission reduction technologies include solar ready electronic linear and quarter turn actuators and fail-safe electronic controllers for separators. Its fully low power electrified solutions provide the critical platform required to optimize AI in wellsite operations.


Contact Information: [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]
4188 93 street Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6E 5P5
Phone: 780-944-1377
Fax: 780-944-1406

Henri Tessier – Managing Partner

Doug Bezpalko – Manager Technical Sales


CanaGas has developed a new way to liquefy and transport natural gas using light- weight composite tanks nested inside of intermodal shipping containers.
The gas is liquefied using only moderate pressure and conventional chilling.
Thus, Pressurized-Liquified Natural Gas (P-LNG) is safely transported by truck, train, or containership. A 40-ft high-cube will carry 13.5 MT (650 Mscf) of natural gas as P-LNG. No pipelines, no cryogenics or, special regulatory approvals required.

CAPEX cost is only 8% that of conventional LNG for the same daily production. OPEX costs are around 20% of conventional LNG.
This will make the collection and monetization of flare gas feasible.
CanaGas intermodal transport modules (ITMs) will also make small scale biogas production practical and feasible. The CO2 is removed at a central facility for sequestration, leaving carbon-NEGATIVE methane.

Lower pressure ITMs will transport ethylene, CO2, propane/LPG, methanol and ammonia.

Website: www.t4plng.com

Steve Campbell – Chief Technology Officer


Website: www.drishya.ai


GHGSat provides actionable greenhouse gas emissions data and insights to businesses, governments, financial markets, and regulators worldwide. The firm is the first to combine its own satellite and aircraft sensors, offering greater data accuracy and facilitate timely strategic decision-making insights at a fraction of the cost of other technologies. With proprietary remote-sensing capabilities and patented technology, GHGSat can monitor emissions from individual facilities.

Stephane Germain – Founder and CEO

Website: https://www.ghgsat.com/en/

Contact Page: https://www.ghgsat.com/en/contact/

Global Power Technologies

Global Power Technologies (GPT) is powering the off-grid energy transition with ultra-reliable and low emission heat and power systems for 5W to 6 kW industrial applications. We design and manufacture high efficiency Combined Heat and Power systems (CHPs) and thermoelectric generators (TEGs), and offer clean energy solutions including solar hybrid systems and instrument air packages for methane abatement. We are advancing new power and heat generation technologies for off-grid sites to meet NetZero emission goals. With over 45 years of expertise and more than 35,000 power solutions deployed globally, our products are in operation in over 55 countries worldwide. Visit WWW.GLOBALTE.COM and @global-thermoelectric on LinkedIn.

Laura Kennedy – President, Co-Owner

Highwood Emissions Management – Emissions Reduction Experts

Highwood Emissions Management Inc. is based in Calgary, Alberta. Working with industry, government, and innovators, we leverage data, analytics, knowledge, and experience to optimize GHG emissions management. Our mission is to collaborate, innovate, and educate the path to a world with effective and affordable emissions management solutions.

Jessica Schumlich – Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Fox – President & Director of Innovation

Contact Information: [email protected]

Website: www.highwoodemissions.com

Interface Fluidics

Interface Fluidics is a technology company that makes extreme condition fluid analysis accessible for the energy industry. We help our customers prevent formation damage, reduce chemical costs, and reduce their environmental footprint.



Stuart Kinnear – CEO

Curtis Fairhurst – Account Manager

Contact Information: [email protected]

Website: www.interfacefluidics.com


Ionada develops, manufactures, and markets exhaust gas cleaning systems that reduce emissions from the marine and power generation industries. Our sustainable solutions keep our air and waters clean for future generations. Ionada’s team includes international scientists, engineers and technicians that have developed breakthroughs in technologies to reduce emissions. Ionada services the global market with operations in Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and the Americas.


Edoardo Panziera – Managing Director, CEO

Contact Information: [email protected]

Website: www.ionada.com

Esther Praise Avor – Carbon Capture Engineer

Kuva Systems

Kuva Systems enables oil and gas operators to detect and pinpoint methane and VOC emissions with its proprietary camera-to-cloud continuous monitoring solution. With Kuva’s actionable visual information, operators can quickly find and fix significant emissions and further correlate with process data for operational insights, root cause determination and mitigation of future emissions. With its cost-scalable platform, the Kuva solution helps operators pursue operational efficiencies and meet ESG, regulatory reporting and methane intensity goals at an exceptional cost/performance ratio.

Robert Ward – VP, Business Development

Stefan Bokaemper – CEO

Monica Sippola – Director of Business Development

Website: www.kuvasystems.com

Contact Information:
Monica Sippola – 403.608.3612 | [email protected]
Robert Ward | 832.515.8880 | [email protected]

LCO Technologies 

At LCO Technologies, we are the leading green technology innovator of the ultra-low power, high autonomy, CROSSFIRE Chemical Injection Pump and Instrument Air Compressor. We are also an exclusive distributor of PANAM Engineer’s high-quality, low-cost instrumentation Hand Valves, Manifolds, Tube Fittings and more!

With state-of-the-art automation control, the CROSSFIRE will drastically reduce maintenance calls, provide accurate budget forecasting, and permit companies to meet even the most stringent emissions regulations. All with the same dependability in the field of traditional pneumatic pumps and instrumentation.

Our goal is to create a sustainable future for the oil and gas industry by providing zero emission technologies while reducing costs, maximizing profitability, and providing exceptional customer service.

Steve Froehler – Director/Owner

Social Links:
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/lco-technologies
Twitter: www.twitter.com/LCOTechnologies

Contact Information:
Steve Froehler, Director
+1 (403) 860-9899
[email protected]

OptiSeis Solutions

OptiSeis is a geophysical company focused on providing high-resolution, cost-effective subsurface data with the lowest environmental footprint. We specialize in seismic acquisition design for optimal inversion results. Utilizing our proprietary software, we help clients plan, acquire, process, and interpret their seismic datasets, enabling accurate development of all subsurface resources including oil and gas, critical minerals, geothermal, and carbon capture and sequestration (CCS).

Seismic exploration often requires the clearing along seismic lines to provide safe access for equipment deployment. As industry progresses and the long-term operational footprint associated with these programs becomes better understood, new methods are needed to reduce the environmental impact of acquiring seismic, including reducing the emissions associated with fuel usage.

Our new technology, EcoSeis, can reduce the total operational footprint of a seismic program by more than 55% while still maintaining subsurface data quality and providing safe access for field operations. This method has the potential to reduce the emissions associated with the acquisition, the amount of reclamation required at the end of a project, and potentially the costs due to fewer linear km and improved efficiencies.

Andrea Crook – CEO 

Cameron Crook – Advisor

Contact Information:
Andrea Crook – 403.993.61954 | [email protected]
Cameron Crook | 403.305.8350 | [email protected]

Company Mailing Address: 1827 30 Ave SW, Calgary, AB, T2T 1P8

Website: www.optiseis.com

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/optiseis-solutions-ltd/

Spartan Controls 

Experience industrial innovation at Spartan Controls— for 60 years, Spartan has been a recognized leading provider of industrial automation solutions in Western Canada. In addition to representing Emerson technology in Western Canada, Spartan has extensive industry solutions capability including IP-centric applications, integrated solutions, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities for process industries in the United States, and around the world.

Our automation solutions for the global market include Advanced Process Control, Combustion, Packaged Applications, Power & Drives, and Engine & Compression solutions. These solutions are applicable for all process industries including oil and gas, oil sands, energy transition, mining, chemical, pulp and paper, power, pipeline, and municipal. We are dedicated to creating a sustainable modern world through innovative automation, through our application of technology, integrated solutions and expert service.

Brian Van Vliet – Environmental Solutions Leader

Katie Smith-Parent – Business Development, Industry Diversification

Contact Information:
Brian Van Vliet, Environmental Solutions Leader, Spartan Controls Ltd.
[email protected]

Katie Smith-Parent, Business Development, Industry Diversification, Spartan Controls Ltd.
[email protected]