CRIN Webinar – Intellectual Property (IP) Barriers to Innovation in Oil & Gas: Perspectives, Challenges and Alternative Models to “Big payout or bust” Approach

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Join moderator Richard Venerus (Venerus Advisory Partners – meet Richard below the event description) and panelists Ian Buchanan (Exergy Solutions); Marty Reed (Evok Innovations); and John Goetz (EnerNext Partners) on an exploration of the underlying problem in how the innovator gets rewarded for their idea.

Is there a way to co-develop technology and IP with shared reward and shared risk between innovators and producers right from the beginning, to accelerate the process and reduce barriers?  What does that look like?

Share your perspectives and experiences, including ideas on alternative models. Together we’ll explore and learn:

  • The underlying motivations driving behaviors to protect or leverage IP
  • Alternative models to IP strategies
  • Successes from other industries having different business models to accelerate innovation
  • Challenges with an industry operator/producer’s gated IP development process
  • Conditions for successful IP strategies

Meet event moderator Richard Venerus: 

Richard is the Founder and Principal at Venerus Advisory Partners (“VAP”), a professional advisory established in 2011 with a goal of helping private and public sector clients have more productive and profitable business relationships. VAP combines the storied expertise of its partners with the application of a unique, collaborative approach to the management of commercial relationships.

Richard has 20+ years of experience in procurement, contracting and commercial management in diverse industries, including construction. He is a qualified (now recovering) lawyer, certified in Construction Law and holds a MBA from the Schulich School of Business. Richard is trained or certified in a number of related disciplines and is national instructor for the Supply Chain Management Association.