• Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) invites you to join us for our annual

    Digital Innovation Forum

    September 26, 2019 at the Calgary Petroleum Club

    “We are now poised for a second digital age that could further reduce costs, unleash unparalleled productivity, and boost performance significantly — if executives can harness the right technologies to support their business strategy.” —McKinsey & Co

    The Canadian oil and gas industry is entering an era of considerable transformation. An industry once driven solely by resources is now predominantly steered by technology and innovation.

    Specifically, the digitization of the energy sector will have a profound effect on operational efficiencies, cost reductions, and environmental responsibility within our industry. It will inevitably alter the industrial landscape as it presently exists.

    This year’s forum Digital Innovation in Oil and Gas provides attendees with insight into current and developing technologies and how they are influencing industry operations, as well as the impact digital innovations will have on the future.

    Experts representing a vast array of stakeholders from across the digital spectrum will present their ideas surrounding the current state of technology within our industry, implementation challenges, and the overarching outlook for a future in which oil and gas and digital technologies are inextricably intertwined.

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    7:30 AMRegistration and Breakfast
    8:00 AMWelcome by Larry Frederick, PTAC
    8:05 AMMorning Keynote by Judy Fairburn, Co-founder, The51
    With Judy’s experience in digital and business transformations, she will reflect on the challenges, implementation, and emergence of new technologies within the energy sector and how digital innovation plays a vital role in the future of this industry.
    8:25 AMSession 1: Panel Discussion on Data Acquisition - Moderated by Bemal Mehta, Senior Vice President for Energy Intelligence, JWN
    With the diverse range of data collection technologies available, how do you determine which are the most efficient and cost effective for the acquisition of data in the oil and gas sector? This panel focuses on the different methods of data collection and the benefits such technologies provide.
    • Steve Froehler, Director, LCO Technologies
    • Suzzette Rainey, Vice President, Canada, AUTOSOL
    Presentation – Sean Greenwood, President, Canadian UAVs
    9:30 AMCoffee Break
    9:45 AMSession 2: Panel Discussion on Data Transport - Moderated by Geoffrey Cann, Digital Advisor for Oil and Gas
    It seems as though a new data breach is announced daily. With an increased security risk, how do you ensure this data remains safe? And what happens if information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) is disconnected? Learn the answers to these questions and more when panelists take a closer look into the cybersecurity aspect of transporting data and possible solutions to ensure IT/OT convergence.
    • Cory Bergh, VP Financial & Information Services, NAL Resources
    • Steve Barker, Solutions Development Leader, Spartan Controls
    • Heather Wilcott, Upstream Digital Strategy Manager, Imperial Oil
    • Cara Wolf, Founder & CEO, Ammolite Analytx
    10:50 AMSession 3: Presentations on Data Enabling and Analysis - Moderated by Farrukh Akram, Enterprise Innovation Executive, Amazon Web Services
    This session focuses on how to enable data and how to analyze information through a variety of technologies. Presentations in this session include topics such as applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence, decision making with predictive analytics, and visual monitoring systems and cloud based platforms.
    • Omolade Saliu, Senior Manager & Lead Data Scientist, IBM Advanced Analytics
    Mong Dang, Manager, Advanced Analytics, Suncor Energy
    Paul Ritchie, VP Sales and Client Services, Osprey Informatics
    11:50 AMDigital SME Awards presented by Marc Godin, Director of Technology, PTAC
    12:15 PMLunch Break
    1:00 PMSession 4: Presentations on Data Engagement - Moderated by Jeff LaFrenz, President, VizworX
    Now that you have the data, what do you do with it? From digital twins to image recognition and machine learning to artificial intelligence, this session dives deeper into how data is being used and the engagement of different technologies in the energy sector.
    Grant Sanden, CEO, Enersoft Inc
    Len Grzyb, Business Performance & Innovation, Worley
    David Lod, CEO, VEERUM Inc
    2:05 PMBreak
    2:20 PMSession 5: Panel Discussion on Overcoming Challenges The Digitalization of Oil and Gas - Moderated by Michael Loughlean, Director of Innovation, Suncor Energy
    This panel discussion looks to the challenges that the energy sector is currently facing in the digitalization of oil and gas. With unique backgrounds and perspectives, panelists will discuss the next steps, collaboration, and the most efficient ways to measure performance that will aid businesses that are going through digital transformations.
    • John Hetherington, PMP, CMC.
    • Kathy Hakimattar, Business Development Manager in Oil & Gas, Stantec
    • Patrick Elliott, Executive VP, Jupiter Resources
    • Geoffrey Cann, Digital Advisor for Oil and Gas
    • Tyson Koopman, Director of Western Canada, AWS
    3:35 PMAfternoon Keynote by Jim Gibson, Partner & Co-Founder, Thin Air Labs
    As a first-hand witness of the evolution of technology and its adaptation in the oil and gas industry, Jim’s expertise and experience will set the stage for the day as he discusses the new era of digital innovation and disruption. Jim will highlight key aspects of the innovation ecosystem, advancement of digital technologies, and discuss the mitigation of negative societal and environmental change.
    3:40 PMSpecial presentation by Vik Pant, Chief Scientist and Chief Science Advisor, Natural Resources Canada
    4:10 PMClosing remarks from Larry Frederick, PTAC
    4:15 PMNetworking Reception
    5:15 PMAdjournment

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