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Energy companies are under increasing pressure to mitigate methane emissions during common pipeline and facility operations. As a result, many are turning to gas recovery technologies to avoid venting or flaring.

WeldFit’s ReCAP® Emissions Recovery System is a depressurization and gas recovery solution that eliminates the need for voluntary gas flaring or venting associated with blowdowns.

The ReCAP® system is a mobile, self-contained gas recompression system that is engineered to hit target emission evacuation levels with tightly calculated predictability. The biggest change it brings to the natural gas industry is that keeps the gas in the pipeline while reducing GHG emissions to nearly 100%.

The impact of ReCAP on the energy industry covers the full spectrum of ESG driven emission reduction goals, corporate interest in lowering carbon tax exposure, safety, energy efficiency, and advancement of standard technology into the 21st century.

To date, WeldFit’s ReCAP Emissions Reduction System has captured more than 1 BSCF of methane and natural gas that would have previously been vented or flared. Not only are we saving the environment, but we have also helped our customers keep natural gas in the pipeline, where it’s most valuable.

Meet the Speaker

Rusty Hurl has been in the energy industry since 2016. Rusty takes great pride in helping to make our Canadian energy industry more productive, by connecting industry operators with beneficial specialty services and products. In his current role, Rusty is developing Canadian operations for WeldFit and its suite of emission reduction and pipeline performance products and services.