Oil & gas technical, engineering and operations groups are starting to drive technology to meet the demands for improvements in efficiency.

Learn about how accessible low-code and no-code RPA tools are creating tangible value on very short timelines – transforming organizations and creating marked improvements.

Join us with SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology),  Blue Prism and ClearPATH Business to learn about practical and proven use cases of RPA in oil & gas, here in Alberta. You’ll hear from experts with hands-on experience implementing RPA including:

  • A review of successful use cases that have delivered substantial benefits in production, operations and accounting
  • Understanding how operations and business units are now becoming ‘citizen developers’ to drive efficiencies across organizations

You’ll learn how to get started in oil & gas including:

  • An introduction to RPA methods and tools by recognized subject matter experts
  • An overview of how to implement including resources, training programs and other insights.



Matthew Sentes
Matthew is the lead Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer at ATCO.  Prior to that, his experience includes implementing a wide range of RPA processes at Crescent Point Energy, championing RPA in Alberta by starting the RPA Oil & Gas Industry User Group and developing SAIT’s new RPA Bootcamp program where he is also the Lead Instructor for SAIT’s exciting new offering.  He has been instrumental in building ATCO’s RPA practice, expanding automation throughout the company, building a centre of excellence, and developing RPA processes.Matthew’s background includes eight years of experience in the oil and gas industry in Finance and Accounting.  Over the past three years, he has pivoted to tech, focusing on automation.   Matthew brings a track record of effectively combining industry knowledge and experience with Robotic Process Automation to create significantly improved efficiency and tangible value.
Bradley Ackroyd
Bradley is an educational product strategist with over 15 years of experience in higher education. His background in applied education, industrial automation and software development has provided opportunities to support both individuals and organization in transformational change.Brad joined SAIT in 2012 and currently leads the product development and delivery of several new bootcamps, including SAIT’s Applied RPA Developer Bootcamp. Globally informed but locally driven, this bootcamp is perfect for early to mid-career professionals who are interested in becoming an RPA developer, analyst or architect. Graduates of the RPA bootcamp will have a foundational RPA skillset augmented with an understanding of strategy and industry best practices — a combination designed to prepare you for the evolving demands of the workforce as technology continues to transform the economy.
Andrea Cherkas
An executive and entrepreneur, Andrea holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering and has over 30 years senior leadership experience in business management, innovation and marketing.Andrea is President at ClearPATH Business (www.clearpathbiz.com) where she leads the Digital Transformation/Innovation practice, helping clients in oil & gas and other sectors start or shore up their digital transformation journey and quickly translate their efforts into tangible value.  Her experience both in the trenches managing projects as well as at a strategic level in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and other technologies has shaped ClearPATH’s proven approach and framework that clients find very effective in driving significant value creation.  The approach starts with RPA combined using key practices and pillars to create real organizational momentum for sustained and expanded innovation and growth well into the future.
Marcie Jones
Marcie is the Director of Product Delivery at TC Energy.She is accountable for partnering with the business to deliver outcomes through innovative technologies and maximize the realization of value within Information Services. Prior to joining TC Energy in July 2020, Marcie built a strong profile within the Calgary community, working at Amazon Web Services. Here she enabled enterprise customer to accelerate their adoption of the cloud and realize transformational results.With 20 years of digital experience, she has consistently been a catalyst for change, in both the corporate and agency environments. Her home life is consumed with raising twin boys. Though they are kept busy with hockey, and skiing, travel is also an important part of their family. Exploring the worlds vast diversity and cultures never gets old.
James Spencer

James Spencer is the director of solutions engineering at SS&C Blue Prism. He serves as an RPA and IA subject matter expert, directing not only the solutions engineering team but also liaising with the product development team to roadmap new features and serving as a trusted technical advisor to his customers. Prior to joining Blue Prism, he was a solutions engineering leader at several data analytics companies. James’ educational and early professional background in the life sciences and national security have enabled him to accrue an array of complementary technical skillsets.



Matthew Sentes

Andrea Cherkas

Bradley Ackroyd

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