Join PTAC for an exciting Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) Regulation focused TIS with Corey Wood, CEO of Clairifi Inc., on February 4th, 2021. Corey will highlight the key decisions Alberta based oil and gas producers face when developing a strategic compliance approach under the new Regulation. The results of multiple case studies performed using the Clairifi emissions management software will be used to demonstrate how these choices significantly impact forecasted emission reduction targets and compliance obligations.

Clairifi Overview:

Clairifi Inc, founded in 2017, offers the Canadian oil and gas industry an intelligent software-as-a-service (SaaS) application built to assist with enhanced production accounting and air emission management. The Clairifi application was built on an existing analytical engine and associated infrastructure already in use by Fortune 500 companies in the retail and financial sectors. The Clairifi platform, launched in late 2017, makes complex and overlapping emission reduction requirements easy to understand while minimizing the risk and burden associated with quantification and reporting across multiple regulatory requirements. Clairifi empowers users allowing a shift in focus from past performance to maximizing future tax savings, increasing operational efficiency, and identifying opportunities to capitalize on carbon credit offset projects as well as government funding opportunities.

Corey Wood, M.Sc., Senior Emissions Advisor and CEO, Clairifi Inc.

Corey has over 9 years of experience as an environmental and regulatory compliance advisor with a focus on air emission quantification, reporting, and reduction strategy. Corey provides a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the everchanging regulatory landscape and the skills required to execute projects in a wide range of public and fast-growing commercial green sector industries. Corey offers knowledge and understanding of the generation and provision of renewable energy and hydrogen as a fuel vector, as well as the fundamentals of wastewater treatment and waste to energy technologies. Corey is the visionary behind Clairifi, an industry leading cloud-based emissions management software, and acts as CEO overseeing all day-to-day operations.

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