TEREE Townhall

PTAC Members Only.

This event will provide TEREE members an interactive platform for updates and relationship building within their network. The session will focused on 2021 priorities for (1) emissions detection, monitoring and quantification and (2) emissions mitigation and reduction and will feature speakers from both government and industry.

This event will be the first time PTAC uses the REMO software! REMO is an interactive, virtual event platform that gives attendees an increased ability to freely network and have discussions with other event attendees.

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*Please note, the REMO platform does not offer a call-in function. Attendees must participate on a desktop or mobile device through an internet browser.

10:00 a.m. MSTAttendees enter and explore REMO platform
10:05 a.m. Welcome Remarks

Marc Godin, PTAC
10:10 a.m.REMO Platform Tips & Tricks

Lauren Arthur, PTAC
10:15 a.m. 1. Emissions detection, monitoring and quantification - Information sharing and discussion about 2021 priorities

• Cassandra Schostek, AER
• Liz O’Connell, Arolytics
• Jessica Shumlich, High Wood Emissions
• Mike D’Antoni, Green Path Energy
10:35 a.m.Table Discussions
10:55 a.m. 2. Emissions mitigation and reduction - Information sharing and discussion about 2021 priorities

• Ray Lambert, CENOVUS
• Todd Brunner, Alberta Environment and Parks, Air and Climate Policy Division
• Mark Jamieson, Dept. of Energy, Gov’t of Alberta

11:20 a.m.Table Discussions
11:35 a.m.Feedback to PTAC:
- Agenda
- Delivery of the TEREE Townhall on REMO
11:45 a.m. Optional Networking