Join PTAC for an exciting blockchain technology focused lunch and learn with Haideh Farahmand, Doctorate in Business Administration student on Nov. 10th, 2021. Haideh’s doctorate dissertation is about the application of Blockchain in the energy sector. Haideh will discuss the benefits and challenges of blockchain technology for the energy sector, focusing on the value proposition of the technology and describes the business case for blockchain. She will review the current state of blockchain adoption in the energy sector and introduces Blockchain for EnergyConsortium (formally known as the OOC Blockchain Consortium), which is a partnership among oil and gas majors such as Exxon Mobile, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, Pioneer Natural Resources, HESS, Repsol, and WesternGeco that is established to develop industry solution frameworks and guidelines based on blockchain technology to reduce costs, enhance timelines and eliminate disputes in the industry processes.

Research Overview:

This study evaluates one of today’s top technological trends, Blockchain, and explores the benefits and challenges of adopting this technology in the context of the energy industry. The study is inspired by an incomplete picture of evolving blockchain technology in the energy sector, which can lead to confusion in the analysis of opportunities and obstacles. Some suggest that blockchain use could become a competitive advantage for companies in the energy sector. Therefore, once the technology is ready for enterprise implementation within a few years, inevitably the mimetic isomorphic pressure (the tendency of an organization to adopt the common approach by its peers) can drive a quick adoption decision and implementation, especially for large energy firms. This research explores how energy companies can prepare for the adoption and implementation of this radical technology.

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Fill out the anonymous online survey for a research study about how energy firms can prepare for blockchain adoption. This study as a requirement to complete Haideh’s Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). The below link will provide you with the consent form and a link to the survey:

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Haideh Farahmand, P.Eng., Doctorate in Business Administration (in progress)

Haideh Farahmand is an instructor in Supply Chain Management, Project Management, and Business Analytics. She has more than 20 years experience in the energy industry, working for companies such as Suncor Energy and Fluor Canada. Currently, she is pursuing her Doctorate in Business Administration at Athabasca University and has joint advisory support from professors at the University of Calgary and Athabasca University. Her research is focused on the benefits and challenges of blockchain technology in the energy industry.