PTAC TIS: Kathairos Introduces Novel Solution Using Liquid Nitrogen to Produce Zero Methane Emission Result

On November 13, 2020, the Climate Implementation and Compliance Branch of the Alberta Government approved nitrogen for use in the carbon credit offset system. By January 1, 2023 existing pneumatic devices must be replaced or modified to vent less than 0.17 m3/hr. The patent pending Kathairos™ System eliminates methane emissions from pneumatic devices at remote oil and gas facilities. The solution uses liquid nitrogen to replace methane as the operating gas for pressurized devices delivering a zero-emission result reliably, with no maintenance or operator input required. Kathairos has implemented two pilot units operating in the Edson, Alberta area for Velvet Energy Inc. since September 2020. The first unit has been displacing methane emissions on a greenfield well and the second, on two brownfield wells. They will be sharing the results of the pilot as well as discussing the technology behind their novel approach.

This presentation will include the following:

• Technology Overview
• Regulatory Environment Survey
• Navigating the Alberta Carbon Offset System
• System Benefits
• Zero-Emission Financial Model


Dick Brown, P.Eng. CEO, President
Jason T. Clarke, P.Eng. Chief Operating Officer

Watch the presentation here:

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