ESSNA: Repositioning the Oil & Gas Sector through an end-to-end Decarbonization approach, delivering net positive revenue streams

If you have reduced the operational cost associated with 1 barrel of oil and mitigated the carbon impact to some measurable extent, is this enough and what is your next step?

Gareth Gregory (ESSNA inc.) is building a strong reputation in Alberta for strategic positioning (scenario planning), design, funding, build, commissioning and operation of successful turnaround strategies for industry and companies exposed to carbon liability – due to the nature of their industry and core operations. The Alberta Oil & Gas sector is one sector significantly impacted by the onset of Net Zero and customers requiring a reduced carbon exposure.

One of the ironies of Decarbonization is that the extent and timeline in which you decarbonize is dictated bottom up by the end customer and no longer top down. Can this be manged?

Hydrogen offers a unique value proposition and a material solution for the oil and gas sector in Alberta, today. A sector requiring an immediate market repositioning to benefit from the Net Zero drive through beneficiation and the creation of new revenue streams. The perfect scenario for many of our clients is a solution where they can maintain their core Oil & Gas business with minimal disruption while meeting decarbonization targets and profitably.

Should you be an established Oil and Gas company in Alberta, Mid-tier operator, refinery or a newly positioned company entering the sector with a new approach – please join Gareth and his team for a session that deals with these fundamentals, followed by a Q&A.

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