Join Airmarket, in conjunction with TC Energy, to review the results, use-cases and opportunities as a result of the BVLOS drone surveillance on the TC Energy Grand Rapids Pipeline.

Since 2015 AIRmarket has dedicated themselves to the technologies surrounding the management of drone flight and operations to ensure compliance for Canadian Airspace regulatory requirements.  Based out of Edmonton, AIRmarket works with world-class companies  to develop this technology for the Energy sector.

In a joint presentation with TC Energy, we invite you to learn about the real-world use-case scenarios for unmanned aerial inspection, tailored specifically for the oil and gas industry.

Using the data collected during the inspection of the Grand Rapids Pipeline, we’ll review critical topics such as:

  • How does drone inspection deliver the value you need to manage inspections that are your highest priorities?
  • How implementing a drone using photogrammetry technology makes a difference to sustainability initiatives.
  • Why BVLOS flight operations will be a key competitive advantage to the Northern Alberta Energy sector.

Presenters from AIRmarket and TC Energy look forward to providing you with real-world examples of how companies are realizing the value of the data from aerial inspection and how this technology goes beyond line of sight!

Webinar Presentation