Greenhouse gas emissions from the oil and natural gas industry are in the crosshairs of regulators, the public, and investors around the world. A growing gap exists between companies that are leading emissions reduction efforts and those that have been slower to act. In Western Canada and parts of the U.S., which have some of the most stringent emissions regulations in the world, many such global leaders exist. Some companies even go above and beyond what regulations require.

In the past, there was no good way for environmental leaders to take credit for their strong performance. Today, a growing number of voluntary initiatives exist for O&G companies to demonstrate their leadership to investors, end users, and the public. But the space is noisy; how initiatives compare – and the benefits of participation – remain unclear. To shed light on these matters, Highwood Emissions Management has published a new report: An Overview of Voluntary Emissions Reduction Initiatives for Responsibly Sourced Oil and Gas”.

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Join us for this free interactive conference as we explore the findings of the new report and hear from experts from across the energy sector. This 2-hour event will feature presentations from experts in the field, an interactive breakout session, and an exciting panel of voluntary initiative thought leaders.

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9:00 Welcome

Marc Godin – Director of Technology, Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada

9:05 Presentation of the 2021 Voluntary Initiatives Report

Thomas Fox – President, Highwood Emissions Management

9:20 Experiences of a Certified Producer

Marie Jurcevic – Sustainability Lead, ARC Resources

9:30 “Win-Win-Win”

Mark Taylor – Principal, Taylor Energy Advisors

9:40 Harmonizing Certification Efforts

Erin Tullos – Senior Director, Gas Transition Solutions, Gas Technology Institute

9:50 Perspectives from the Financial Sector

Patrick Peura, ESG Engagement Manager, Allianz

10:00 Interactive breakout session: Moving Forward

This interactive round-table breakout session will give attendees the chance to speak their minds, exploring questions such as:

  • How can the value proposition of participating in these initiatives be shown?
  • What should be the role of emissions measurement technologies?
  • To what extent should industry embrace transparency and disclosure?
  • What makes the perfect voluntary initiative?

10:30 Panel discussion: What have you heard?

Bringing the workshop full circle, panelists will share the most pertinent insights, concerns, and recommendations that arose during the breakout sessions.


Jessica Shumlich, CEO, Highwood Emissions Management


Tisha Schuller, Principal, Adamantine Energy

Bill Whitelaw, Managing Director, geoLOGIC Systems & JWN Energy

Oksana Kielbasinski, Director, ESG, Sustainability & Risk, Integrated Sustainability

10:55 Closing remarks

Marc Godin – Director of Technology, Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada

11:00 End