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    The Canadian upstream oil and gas sector is poised to address billions of dollars’ worth of asset
    retirement. In Alberta alone, nearly half of the wells drilled have reached the end of their productive lives, thus requiring decommissioning and regulatory closure of the wellsites. Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) and the Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) invite you to attend this virtual event with the goal of sharing successes, learnings and a collective vision for advancing efficient and sustainable practices to most effectively address the full scope of wellsite asset retirement. Presenters and a panel discussion will provide a regulatory perspective or case studies for asset retirement, and innovation to transform our landscape and diversify Alberta’s economy.

    During this session, speakers and panelists will discuss:

    • A shared vision for holistic asset retirement whereby modernization of asset retirement are front and centre, supported by science, engineering and technological innovation.
    • Energizing the decommissioning and liability closure community with shared outcomes from model practices.
    • Streamlining research and innovation approaches amongst industry, service providers, technology developers to accelerate site closure and facilitate timely economic diversification.
  • TimePresentation
    8:30 a.mOpening Remarks

    Soheil Asgarpour, PTAC
    8:40 CRIN Introduction - TEC Theme Synergy and SIF Opportunities

    Ian Jobe, CRIN
    Session 1 Presentations: Industry Perspective on Wellsite Retirement Challenges and Opportunities
    8:50Perspective of Smaller Producers and ESG

    Tristan Goodman, EPAC
    9:05CAPP, AER and DoE Efforts in Encouraging Wellsite Asset Retirement

    Richard Wong, CAPP
    Session 2 Presentations: Industry Liability Reduction and Best Practices
    9:20Best Practices: Pipelines, Holistic Management and Efficiencies

    Kris McNutt, Orphan Wells
    9:35Asset Retirement Driving Value

    Lisa Warren
    9:55Industry Liability Reduction Through R&D and Collaboration

    Gerry Boyer, InnoTech Alberta
    10:10Area-Based Closure for Smaller Companies

    Carl Lammens, Petronas
    Session 3: Reducing our Footprint and Beneficial Reuse
    10:30A Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach to Addressing Complex Challenges

    Bonnie Drozdowski, InnoTech Alberta
    10:50Beneficial Reuse and Enabling Clean Lithium, Solar and Geothermal Development

    Keely Cameron, Bennet Jones
    Session 4: Knowledge Gap Panel Discussion
    11:10Moderator: Chris Powter, Enviro Q&A

    Lars DePauw, Orphan Wells
    George Sutherland, CPTI
    Jil Macdonald, AltaML
    Ryan Smith, 360 Energy Liability Management
    12:00 p.m.Closing Remarks