Project Background

Through its Climate Leadership Plan, Alberta has made strategic investments in new technologies to detect and mitigate fugitive methane emissions from the O&G sector. However, a missing component of the Province’s methane reduction strategy is a pathway to support the implementation of these technologies. To address this gap, the IM3S Project will build an innovative decision support system that: (1) provides information that could be used in regulatory approval of new leak detection technologies, (2) optimizes the implementation of new technologies in fugitive emissions management programs to achieve mitigation targets at the lowest cost, and (3) guides technology development and commercialization.

Project Goals

  • Develop a modeling system to support regulatory approval and optimize the implementation of new detection technologies, methods, and programs that contribute to Alberta’s methane reduction goal.
  • Develop an enhanced scientific understanding of the performance and implementation of different methane detection technologies and methods.
  • Support validation and deployment of clean technologies for reducing methane and associated air pollutants.
  • Support Alberta policies to reduce methane emissions 45% by 2025.
  • Enhance leading-edge innovation capacity by academics and entrepreneurs in Alberta.
  • Increase business growth and employment at innovative companies, particularly SMEs.
  • Support future-oriented clean tech skills development, particularly for HQPs.

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