Executive Summary

The purpose of this project was to develop and present a coherent, complete and compelling argument for greater drilling seasonal load leveling in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

(WCSB), capturing benefits relating to:

  • Drilling costs
  • Safety performance
  • Human resources
  • Rig utilization

In recent years favourable commodity pricing has prompted rapid expansion of drilling programs in the WCSB. The development of unconventional gas reserves, particularly natural gas from coal, has put a further strain on rig and crew availability. Every year, the push is on to drill more wells. Capacity has become a more significant issue. Many operators are now turning to load leveling to secure the rigs and crews they need to complete their ambitious exploration and production (E&P) programs. Not all industry participants, however, fully recognize the benefits of load leveling to their companies or to the industry as a whole. This project set out to generate a communicable “business case study and companion presentation for reducing winter drilling activity and spreading that activity out more evenly throughout the year.”

Final Report