The methane-focused arm of the Clean Resource Innovation Network, the Methane Emissions Reduction Network (MERN) is the hub of all things as they relate to reducing methane emissions for oil and gas.

What is the Methane Emissions Reduction Network (MERN)?

  1. A network / hub whose purpose is to launch market-driven R&D projects related to methane emissions reductions, and provide uniform, neutral and complete communications to all stakeholders operating within the methane space.
  2. A place to inform and educate technology providers, SMEs, and academia about the current challenges facing industry producers with respect to methane emissions, and encourage them to focus on market driven solutions through activities such as student competitions, Dragon’s Den Events, Workshops, webinars, media articles, etc.
  3. A place to share knowledge, research results and innovative technologies amongst all industry stakeholders.
  4. A place where all stakeholders are made aware of ongoing R&D activities related to methane emissions reductions, in order to reduce duplication, and close the gaps.
  5. A place which will enable increased interactions between all stakeholders (producers, government organizations, regulatory bodies, academia, service and supply companies, SMEs technology providers, etc.) operating within the methane emissions reductions space.

What MERN does not do:

  1. Will not to replace any ongoing R&D activities (i.e., AUPRF, TEREE, SRC work, universities work, etc.), but rather serve as a central space for stakeholders to come to in order to learn about ongoing activities in the methane space within our industry. A “one-stop-shop” of sorts.
  2. Will not serve as a decision maker surrounding policies and regulations, but rather help execute R&D projects which ultimately will help inform the development of smart policies.
  3. Raise money for profit – Initial Network funding is already in place however, should activities expand within the future, more funding will of course be required in order to progress activities.

For more information on MERN, please visit the Methane Hub at