Executive Summary

Cap-Op Energy Inc. was founded in 2012 to make sustainability profitable. Cap-Op has executed on this objective by delivering the Cap-Op Distributed Energy Efficiency Project Platform, the preeminent computing tool to aggregate efficiency data and generate compliance emission reduction offsets in Western Canada.

In 2015, the Alberta government published the “Climate Change Leadership Plan” which lays out a very ambitious challenge to industry to reduce methane emissions by 45% through 2025. This represents an incredible transformation in how the oil and gas industry will conduct business. Innovative tools and strategic thinking will be essential to achieving these ambitions.

Cap-Op continues to lead innovation and is embarking on the next phase of innovative software delivery. With the “Methane Abatement Platform”, or MAP, Cap-Op will collect, synthesize, analyze and present information to decision makers regarding their methane emitting assets. With this information, low cost, effective emission reduction projects can be identified, scoped and executed. The MAP is a decision support tool. It will be an online, software as a service development, accessible to licensed organizations. It will be developed using the agile development technique and thus will have multiple iterations and be built using customer response and engagement as much as possible.

Given the magnitude of emission reductions required and the range of abatement costs conceivable, the MAP could unlock billions of dollars of savings to industry in a time when both emission reductions and cost savings are paramount.