Methane Emissions Reduction Test Facilities Consortium


PTAC is requesting your organization’s participation in the PTAC-led Methane Emissions Reduction Facilities Consortium. This Consortium will bring together numerous testing facility partners and industry stakeholders under one umbrella, in an effort to establish a central space where market driven methane emissions reduction technologies can be tested and validated for cost effective and economic industry uptake. This initiative will in turn assist in the increase of technology capacity to materially reduce methane emissions, accelerate the deployment of innovative methane reduction technologies, improve financial performance for operators, and enhance business growth for all industry stakeholders. For additional information regarding the Methane Emissions Reduction Test Facilities Consortium, please review this slide deck.


As a first step, PTAC is seeking Letters of Interest from potential operating partners who wish to secure their participation in this initiative. By providing a Letter of Interest for this Consortium, your organization is demonstrating its commitment to reducing methane emissions in a collaborative manner, through the testing, verification, and application of innovative technology development and deployment on a mass scale. The Letter of Interest provided by your organization will be supplied to Federal and Provincial Government bodies when submitting the applications for Consortium funding in response to an invitation from government. A sample template to build your Letter of Interest upon can be found HERE.


The Consortium will officially be launched once funding is secured from Federal and Provincial Government sources. This funding will be used to cover the costs associated with pre-qualification, screening, techno-economic studies, and operating costs of testing targeted technologies. Once this funding is secured, those parties who have provided a Letter of Interest will be approached to determine whether their respective organizations would like to provide oversight for the screening and assessment process of the tested technologies and/or dedicate facilities to test the technologies.


Should your organization wish to provide a Letter of Interest to PTAC for the Methane Emissions Reduction Test Facilities Consortium, please submit your Letter of Interest to [email protected] at your earliest convenience.