Executive Summary

There have been a number of technological advancements in recent years with regard to the detection and quantification of fugitive equipment leaks at upstream oil and gas facilities. In an effort to supplement previous technology evaluation work conducted by other agencies (e.g. Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (“CAPP”) and the U.S. Natural Gas STAR
Program), the Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (“PTAC”), Technology for Emission Reduction and Eco-Efficiency (“TEREE”) Steering Committee initiated a project for the “Review and Update of Methods Used for Air Emissions Leak Detection and Quantification” (the “Project”). Pertinent information regarding these emerging technologies was to be combined with previous information already gathered for the more traditional methods of leak detection and quantification.

The overall goal of this Project was to provide industry and government with pertinent information regarding both traditional and emerging methods/technologies for air emissions leak detection and quantification.

Final Report