PTAC is excited to announce the addition of its newest team member, Mr. David Sealock, as Vice President of Research and Development. Mr. Sealock brings over 25 years of experience in the Canadian oil and gas sector, with a solid track record of value creation as part of senior management teams within both public and private companies, providing technical leadership, as well as strategy and tactics to lead, shape, and execute goals for development.

Holding previous executive positions within Sunshine Oilsands Ltd., Sulvaris Inc., and MegaWest Energy Corp., among others, Mr. Sealock is a highly accomplished business and technical professional with extensive experience in the development of business strategies and portfolio optimization within start-ups and multi-billion dollar organizations. With a solid history in the oil and gas industry, and excellent technical, operational, and project execution capabilities, Mr. Sealock has demonstrated his ability to build, lead, and manage countless multidisciplinary teams.

PTAC is confident that David will make an excellent addition to its team, providing strategic direction and valuable contributions towards our mission in transforming challenges into opportunities, through the facilitation of innovative and collaborative research and technology development, demonstration, and deployment initiatives, contributing to the development of a responsible Canadian hydrocarbon energy industry.