PTAC is pleased to announce that we have met our goal of developing, field testing, and demonstrating technologies, which collectively have the capacity to reduce the sector’s methane emissions by more than 45%. These technologies are not only currently reducing methane emission in Canada, but also are helping global reduction of methane emissions. PTAC has published the Methane Detection and Mitigation Initiatives Report, and we invite you to read the full report here:

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More than a decade ago, PTAC started working on initiatives to reduce methane emissions. The Methane Emission Reduction Network (MERN) was formed to be an innovation network with a vision to build methane technologies. The network works in collaboration with Clean Resource Innovation Network(CRIN), and Canadian Emissions Reduction Innovation Network (CERIN).

PTAC has also created an impressive network of testing facilities, located from the East coast to the West coast, through CanERIC. By securing funds from Alberta Innovates and NRCan, and with industry support, PTAC has been able to help SMEs field test their technologies at no cost to them. Even if a technology is field tested and proven to be cost-effective and reduce methane emissions, the SMEs still face the challenge of increasing the market uptake of that technology.

To attempt to mitigate this challenge, PTAC launched two consortia that pay up to 75% of the cost of equipment and installation of cost-effective methane mitigation technologies, encouraging Canadian producers to get first-hand experience with the new technologies. These consortia aim to increase the investment in massive deployment of such technologies by producer, hence increasing market uptake. Together they have resulted in installing 101 pieces of equipment.

In the coming year, PTAC will launch several new initiatives to expand our international activities. This will include a strategic program to increase international sales of Canada’s cleantech products and technologies. In closing, reducing methane emissions requires global collaboration. It is through this collaboration that PTAC has achieved so much.