The submission deadline has been extended!

RFT Scope
While any new technology, product or service (such as those in the space of chemistry or process related technologies, among other categories) that provides environmental improvements and reduces cost is of interest, it is believed that untapped significant opportunities for impact and wide scale deployment may originate from major digital technology trends and advancement, such as:

  1. Internet mobility and Cloud databases
  2. Internet of Things, including sensor networks
  3. Driverless vehicles and UAVs
  4. Robotics
  5. 3D printing and maker economy
  6. Artificial intelligence, analytics and big data
  7. Cloud parallelized computing

Technologies submitted via proposal to this RFT should be within the 7-8 TRL scale or, in other words, should have already been tested or piloted in collaboration with an end user to a certain extent. Submissions must indicate the TRL of the technology solution in question and provide support for the designated TRL assigned.

RFT Schedule 
July 7, 2017: RFT issued
August 14, 2017: Deadline for receipt of proposals by PTAC
September 14, 2017: Feedback on proposals based on responses received from the Steering Committee

Attachment: Request for Technologies