1.1.   Product-Market Fit Engagements

PMF engagements lay the groundwork for understanding the value proposition of the innovation. PTAC has deep industry knowledge and extensive networks, including a collaboration with the Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) and several other industry associations and accelerators. Leveraging these relationships, PTAC identifies industry needs and market/technology gaps. This allows PTAC’s staff and subject matter experts to meet with IRAP clients and provide them with information regarding technology needs and market gaps as well as meaningful feedback on their technology, including the fit of the proposed innovative solution to address identified gaps. PTAC staff and subject matter experts are also knowledgeable in the strengths and weaknesses of existing solutions used by industry, some of which may represent barriers to entry and/or competitions to the innovative solution. Interactions through PTAC and other industry events and networking with end-users and potential clients provide the IRAP client with direct feedback from the industry about potential market interest in providing a test site and funding for a technology demonstration project.

1.2.   Project and Consortium Development Engagements

Those innovations from IRAP clients that generally receive positive PMF feedback from the industry, including a high likelihood of finding a test site and industry funding, proceed to the next step of project development and consortium formation. PCD engagement activities include:

  • Individual meetings between IRAP clients and PTAC staff and subject matter experts to guide them on the next steps.
  • Inviting IRAP clients to introduce technology opportunities and projects to PTAC’s networks.
  • Inviting IRAP clients to PTAC and CRIN workshops and events.
  • Arranging Technology Information Sessions, public lunch hour events, and webinars where IRAP clients introduce new technologies and related proposals for field demonstration projects.
  • Formation of PTAC consortia, which includes securing funding and necessary test sites and the provision of project management.
  • Solicitation of funding from industry and relevant government departments.
  • Meetings between IRAP clients, PTAC staff, and subject matter experts to learn from industry and government feedback about the project scope and budget and guide the next steps.
  • Helping IRAP clients transform their project scope to incorporate feedback and learnings.
  • Supporting the evolution of the consortium may entail the addition of new members and funding sources.