21 07, 2016

PTAC President Soheil Asgarpour is Leading the Industry’s Battle to Cut Carbon and Costs Out of The Barrel

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Rather than reinvent the wheel to solve problems they share in common, oil and gas producers in Alberta fund Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada (PTAC) programs The environmental and financial challenges facing Canada’s oil producers—especially those in the oil sands or shale fields—are driving change. The industry is facing the double-barreled test of being one [...]

6 05, 2016

Despite Downturn, PTAC Sets Record For Number Of New Industry Projects, Adding New Initiatives This Year

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Despite a challenging economic climate for the Canadian oil and gas industry, PTAC set a new record for the number of projects launched in 2015 aiming to reduce both costs and the environmental footprint of the industry. Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada’s collaborative model was developed during and for hard times in the late 1990s and [...]

7 03, 2016

Globotics Industries Wants to Reactivate Your Suspended Wells, For Free

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By Maurice Smith Almost 400,000 wells had been drilled in Alberta to the end of 2012, of which about 150,000 were abandoned and, of these, approximately 50,000 have yet to be certified as reclaimed, according to Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC). Prior to abandonment, wells may be suspended, which could have financial implications for operating [...]

4 01, 2016

Voices Of The Future: With Canada’s energy industry at a crossroads, we ponder the way forward

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Pledges made by new governments in Ottawa and Alberta to reduce the provinces and Canadas greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions footprint will shift the direction of the energy industry over the next 15 years. The world will be watching as the industry and the country transition to a carbon-constrained future. New Technology Magazine asked a selection [...]

19 10, 2015

PTAC Forum Told Of Province’s Commitment To Climate Change Renewal

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Issues around air quality and climate change are front and centre in environmental policy discussions at all levels—municipally, provincially, nationally and internationally, a Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada air issues forum heard recently. “The status quo is no longer an option,” Shannon Flint, assistant deputy minister of Environment and Parks, said in a speech delivered on [...]

5 05, 2015

PTAC Fills Critical Role In Low Price Environment, AGM Told

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In a climate of low commodity prices, it is more critical than ever for the oil and gas industry to focus on innovative collaboration, Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada members heard Monday. “Together, we can effectively minimize costs and increase production and reserves while reducing the environmental footprint,” said the PTAC board in its 2014 annual [...]

1 10, 2014

How Canada’s oil sands became a technology-driven industry

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In 1956, Shell Oil Co. geologist Marion King Hubbert predicted that if the rate of oil extraction at the time continued into the future, worldwide production would peak in the year 2000. As accessible reserves were depleted, production would fall after the turn of the century until the world as good as ran dry around [...]

19 09, 2014

PTAC Air Issues Forum – Re-capturing Momentum On Flaring And Venting Reductions

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Sept. 25th, 2014 | Calgary Petroleum Club | 319 – 5th Ave SWFlaring and venting emissions are critical topics for the petroleum industry in Canada. The most recent ST-60B report from the Alberta Energy Regulator indicates that after 14 years of decline and stability, solution gas flared and vented has increased during the last 3 [...]

27 05, 2014

PTAC Launches Record Number Of New Projects, Announces Annual Award Winners

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Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada with its emphasis on innovation and collaborative research and development has an important role to play in promoting sustainable energy development in Alberta, a senior provincial government official said Monday. “Government alone cannot spearhead research and development that advances technology and efficiencies in the energy sector while reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” [...]

21 05, 2014

PTAC Presents Hydraulic Fracturing – An Environmental Perspective

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PTAC Presents Hydraulic Fracturing - An Environmental PerspectiveMay 29th, 2014 | Calgary Petroleum Club | 319 – 5th Ave SWThis event brings together the most recent developments and innovations relating to environmental issues associated with horizontal drilling and multistage fracturing. This will include challenges such as, but not limited to, water consumption and management, chemical [...]