Technology for Emissions Reductions and Eco-Efficiency (TEREE)

The Technology for Emissions Reductions and Eco-Efficiency (TEREE) Network, is a collaborative initiative that brings together stakeholders from industry, service and supply, provincial and federal governments, and regulatory bodies, to oversee findings and implement new technologies and methods required to achieve air emissions reductions in the oil and gas industry. TEREE projects have made a significant contribution to the industry through the transfer of technologies used globally in the sector.

TEREE has a longstanding history within PTAC and functions with the overall objective to:
• Recognize and understand key emission reduction and eco-efficiency issues;
• Identify and evaluate emissions reduction and eco-efficiency technologies;
• Recommend best technology and best practice solutions to address critical issues;
• Develop and demonstrate new technologies and best practices that act on technology for emissions reductions and eco-efficiency;
• Validate energy efficiency improvements and actual emission reductions achieved; and
• Communicate and promote the transfer of new and existing technologies and best practice-based solutions.

To learn more about TEREE and to see how you can become a part of this collaborative network, please contact [email protected] today.